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The clippings project


We're ([info]dluis and [info]adengbx) currently looking for someone who is interested in this deal,
Whereby either one of us will buy the JE magazines monthly, and we'll sell to each other the clippings of the band of your choice!

So it's like, dluis gets the NEWS clippings and adengbx gets the KAT-TUN and Hey! Say! clippings.
And we're currently looking for a Ya-ya-yah, Tackey and subasa, SMAP, Kis-my-ft2, Kanjani8, Golf and Mike, B.A.D, Arashi and A.B.C fan who is interested in this deal :)
As for those bands (e.g. golf and mike & SMAP!) that dont really appear on every magazine, we'll inform you when they do have pages of them!

Is there such a person out there?
Best if you're located in Singapore, so that we don't have to ship the things and it will be much cheaper :D
You can email either one of us at:

So email us if you would like to make the deal and include the band!
And for more information, go to any of our lj-s :)

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