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Kis-My-Ft2 - Wink Up May 2011

Translation. Crosstalk where they look back on the debut announcement. What they felt, how they reacted, some bits about the press conference, fantasizing about what they want to do after debut, plus the importance of custom-made ear monitors.

( ...more like, without us noticing, the theme of the talk has turned to 'Yasui' (laughs) )

Few other translations not yet crossposted as well.

Translation. Wink Up June 2011. Kitayama and Fujigaya crosstalk. Their thoughts about the photoshoot (stretching together!) and their Crea concerts (which was upcoming when the interview happened). They received an idea from the staff...and started planning right then and there!?

( We wouldn’t do these things if the pairing was different, but when it’s us, it’s definitely like this. They’re definitely doing this on purpose. )

Duet February 2012 KisuTsuu. Members' columns about various things. Nikaido and Senga being random, Yokoo talks about something he owns, Miyata about moe in his life, Tama gives advice (?), and Kitayama and Fujigaya presents a theme for readers to send replies in for.

( Everyone has made a mistake about the opponent they should fight with. It’s not some person out there. )

Myojo September 2012 Kiss the Seven World. None of the usual serial corners. Members talk about their ambitions for their second year of debut, some offshots bits, a Toukai Chihou~ report, and birthday messages to Taisuke.

( Just how much sexual appeal do you plan to show? )
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