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[News] Nikaido in BAD BOYS J

This post is a bit late, but since no one made a post while I was at work, here it is.

It has been announced today that Nikaido will be part of a new drama that is scheduled to start airing in April.

The title of the drama is "BAD BOYS J", and it will start airing on April 6th, from 24:50 - 25:20 (or 12:50am - 1:20am). This is the same timeslot Bakaleya was aired in. Airing times may shift depending on the schedule that day.

Nikaido plays Danno Hidenori, the strongest person in Hiroshima and the 8th generation leader of the number one yankee/delinquent group, BEAST.

The lead actor is Nakajima Kento (Sexy Zone), who plays Kiriki Tsukasa, who somehow ends up as the leader of the group Gokurakuchou (Paradise Butterfly). Despite becoming leader though, he is not conscious of his position nor does he have ambition to become better either. He gets involved with the group Hiroshima Nights though (led by Hiro, played by Hashimoto Ryousuke of A.B.C-Z), and his group ends up defeating them which gave them the spot of the second strongest group in Hiroshima.

No matter what Tsukasa and his friends do though, they are unable to defeat BEAST. The three groups weren't just fighting though. By fighting, they come to understand each other and keep a balance of things in Hiroshima, but...

Other than the three leaders, other Juniors play followers of each other. In BEAST (Nikaido's group), we have Takama Kazutoshi (Morita Myuuto) and Harada Kazunari (Moroshoshi Shouki). In Gokurakuchou (Nakajima's group), Kananaka Youji (Iwamoto Hikaru), Iwami Eiji (Fukusawa Tatsuya), and Nakamura Hisao (Watanabe Shouta). In Hiroshima Nights (Hashimoto's group) are Nakagawa Kenjirou (Yasui Kentarou), Funamoto Jun (Hagiya Keigo), and Kenjou Juri (Shimekake Ryuuya).

It is uncertain at the moment if there will be more Johnnys involved in the drama at the moment.

For those who are curious, the director is the same person who directed Bakaleya.

I didn't translate them, but you can also read comments from Nikaido, Nakajima, and Hashimoto here.

Source: Official website
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