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News update

It seems kisuhama learning is making changes again, looks like a season 2 for kisuhama learning (kisuhama learning 2)

The 13 song titles for the 2nd album cd is out too, you can check the full details at avex trax webpage

Btw, Kisumai attended the DHC medicated acne control series cm press conference today. From news info, the cm they are wearing school uniform. The cm will be aired tomorrow. The cm theme song "S.O.S (Smile on Smile)", will be recorded into kis-my-ft2 7th single that is releasing on March 27.
source :  http://www.excite.co.jp/News/music/20130306/E1362563794937.html.
more cm news: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20130306-00000306-oric-ent

quoted from twitter:
北山さんは休み時間の教室、玉森さんは学校の廊下、藤ヶ谷さんは体育館、と 3 つのシチュエーションでの展開。画面の前の女性が思わず自分に話しかけられているような感覚になる今回のCM。
the cm setting is kitayama is at the classroom during recess time, tama is at the school corridor and gaya at the sports venue.
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