Claudia (loveandcoffee) wrote in kis_my_ft2,

Translation project for Tamamori's birthday

I'm having a one-week translation festival over at my lj to celebrate Tama's birthday next weekend. I'm posting one Tama interview translation per day until the 17th, so I'd be happy if you came over and read them and find out more about our Yuta ♥

• #1: Dream Boys 2012 pamphlet
• #2: TV Guide Person 5/13 (about what professionalism and acting mean for Tama)
• #3: Wink Up 5/13 (about Tama as a little kid)

Feel free to drop by in the next days, too, as I won't crosspost every interview I translate here to the community in order not to clog it. I'll make a final recap post on Tama's birthday though.
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