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Kis-My-Ft2 - Duet May 2012 KisuTsuu

Translations. KisuMai's serial in Duet. Members' columns about various things. Nikaido and Senga being random, Yokoo talks about something he owns, Miyata about moe in his life, Tama gives advice (?), and Kitayama and Fujigaya talks about the replies they've received for a previous theme and gives a new theme in the April issue and about crossdressing for the KissMints CM in the May issue. May issue includes reports about KissMints CM and HamaKisu.

( April 2012 - Of course, I thought, "Ahh~ I’m being played with," and it was really fun (laughs) )

( May 2012 - We can wink in our hearts though! )
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