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Kisulog: Tamamori Yuta 04/10 + translations backlog

First off: Tama's latest Kisulog entry!

(Kisulog: Tamamori Yuta - 04/10)

Then, a few translations done recently that I hadn't crossposted yet:

"Forza!" lyrics translation

Transcription of a section of Kisumai Radio (03/27, Fujigaya - Tamamori), in which Tama talks of his birthday date with Miyata and giggles a lot

• The Tama birthday project, completed:
#1: Dream Boys 2012 pamphlet
#2: TV Guide Person 5/13 (about what professionalism and acting mean for Tama)
#3: Wink Up 5/13 (about Tama as a little kid)
#4: An-An N.184/2013 (about what Tama thinks of older girls)
#5: Qlap! 10/12 (Tamamori x Miyata crosstalk)
#6: +act mini., vol.20/13 (Part 1 - Part 2) (a very honest interview about acting and about himself)
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