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[MOD] Rules & FAQ

[NOTE] Although I am the founder of this community, I am no longer part of the moderator team so I have nothing to do with maintaining this community anymore. If you have any questions or other business, please contact the moderators listed on the profile page.

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Hello members. When you join the community, hopefully this rules post is the first thing you will read. Or at least make sure to read it very soon. Because there are so many people in this community, it is important that we respect the rules to keep this place free of any problems.

If you see members breaking any rules or behaving badly in the comments of any posts, please inform mods about it. We mods will keep an eye on all the posts made here, but we are not able to keep track on all the comments in other people's posts. So if there are people behaving badly in comments, please do report to us :)

A FAQ is included after the rules in this post, simply scroll over the rules to reach the FAQ section. This FAQ includes simple questions and answers for matters that are often asked with communities or with Kisumai fandom. Please check the FAQ before asking anywhere else. If you feel like you have questions that should be included in the FAQ, please let us know.

NOTE: When contacting any of the mods via PMs, make sure you have changed your PM settings so that you can receive messages from everyone. The default setting is that you can't receive messages. So even though you can send us a message, unless you have enabled receiving messages, we can't answer.

RULES (short version)
(This short version has simplified version of the rules that should include all the important things at once glance, but please also check the full rules for more detailed information.)

- no bashing/flaming
- no excessive cursing or tYpEiNg LiEk TiS
- use community default font type and color
- no trolling/spamming/drama/whiny posts/useless posts/other improper behavior
- use the main discussion posts for new releases, don't create new posts for reviews etc
- always include a title, remember to use tags
- use an lj-cut when needed (check full rules for details)
- make difference between news and rumors
- use English
- sales/advertisement post limitations (check the full rules)
- check tags before requesting/posting
- all requests/questions must be posted in the masterposts
- do not request licensed material/fancams (everything can be posted on the poster's own responsibility, the community does not take responsibility of anything posted here) or translations/subs, or anything that has just been released/aired during the last week or so
- all downloads/scans/requests/online videos etc must be locked to members only at all times (links posted elsewhere must be accessible to everyone at all times - subbing communities exception from this)
- do not post rips of official CD/DVD releases before their release dates
- do not post something you don't have the permission to share (someone else's online video, translation etc)
- do not rip and share official videos from Johnny's Net or TakiChannel
- all fanwork (fanfiction, fanart, doujin) should be posted at kismyshowtime, not the main community where they are no longer allowed - all memes/contests related to this should also go the separate community unless for some reason necessary here & you have mods' permission
- all graphics (icons, banners, fanvideos etc) go to kismygraphics, not the main community where they are no longer allowed - all memes/contests related to this should also go the separate community unless for some reason necessary here & you have mods' permission

RULES (full version)

No Bashing/Flaming (includes both posts and comments)

☆ No bashing/flaming any of the boys of the group, any other Johnny's boys (or Johnny Kitagawa himself) or any members of the community either.
- Even if one of the boys isn't your favorite or there are other boys outside Kisumai you don't like, it doesn't give you the right to bash them. There is always someone who is going to hurt their feelings.
- No drama/fighting/bickering/insulting among other members.
- Anything that might be considered racist/discriminating/etc will lead to warning/banning depending on the seriousness of the insult.

☆ No bashing people in general.
- Especially with dating rumors, people tend to start insulting the girls the boys are rumored to date. This is totally unnecessary. If they make the boys happy, why should we hate them? If you really call yourself a fan, shouldn't the happiness of the boy you support be the thing you want the most? Of course not ALL the girls the boys date are that good for them, but if it's the guy's choice, we should respect it and hope he knows what he wants.

Yes, I know, freedom of speech and everything but this is a FAN community. Wiki: "Fan is someone who has an intense appreciation for something(s) or someone(s)". So fan community should be about the love we feel for our idols, not an excuse to create drama and make others feel bad. We want everyone to be able to express their feelings and opinions, but within good manners.

In short, just behave yourselves. Use common sense. Just because it's the Internet and you can't see each other face to face it doesn't mean you should act any worse towards your fellow people than in real life. Please respect others like you would want them to respect you.

Please note that posting hate memes will immediately result into losing your posting access or even your membership in the community.

Watch Your Language/Typing/Overall Behavior

☆ Do not use curse words excessively.

☆ Don't tYpE LiEk TiS or sum otir wird way lik dis it's really annoying to read.
- Also refrain from using "IM type shortenings" such as "sum1" for "someone" etc. It makes the text hard to read, and it's not pleasant for the eye.

☆ Use community default font.
- Do not use colored text/different size text/different type font than what is set as community default font style. The communities have default text type AND color for a reason. You can use whatever style you want in your own journal, but at the community you are expected to respect the default style of the community.
- This includes no writing your whole post with bold or italics either. They are okay when used normally to the purposes they're supposed to be used, but not when it's the whole post.

TROLLING not allowed.
- Please report any kind of trolling to the mods.

☆No spamming.
- No pointless posts (you can make pointless comments as long as the person who made the post doesn't mind).
- Consider which is actually relevant to be posted here, and what is something you should be posting in your own journal instead.
- Please don't post something someone else posted already, unless there's anything significantly different (for example a High Quality version of a video that has been posted before in Low Quality). Please check the tags (or archives) to see if the thing you want to post has already been posted before. If you're posting something that has already been posted before, you need to mention in your post how it's different. Otherwise it will be deleted because it's considered simply posting the same material again.
- You ARE allowed to post something again if a)the download links etc are dead in the old post or otherwise not accessible.
- No "vote Kisumai/certain member to xxx" posts, there are all kinds of popularity etc votings going on all the time, so these are considered spamming. (If there are some more important polls or something you want to post, please contact the mods about it first.)

☆Use the main discussion posts for talking about new releases etc.
- Do not create your own posts to make "reviews" etc of new Kisumai releases. Use the discussion posts created for those. If there is no discussion post available for the topic yet, you can create one or ask one of the mods do it. Please do not start another discussion post if one already exists though, otherwise it will be deleted.

☆ No drama.
- Please do not post something that you might think will create drama in the community. Some issues are very hard for many people to handle, and argument and fighting will occur. If we see a subject that might create bad blood between members, we mods may have to delete the post to keep the members from getting into arguments.

☆ No whiny posts/posts with improper behavior.

Basic Guidelines For Making a Post Here

☆ No useless posts.
- No making posts that have no substance in them (those are to be left to your personal journal).

☆ No unclear posts.
- When you make a post, please include information of what the post is about. If you make a post with no title and just a link to somewhere, how are anyone supposed to know what that is about?
- All posts MUST have a title.
- Posts with a links somewhere without a clear explanation of what it is about will be deleted. It is not only an issue of clarity but safety, as unexplained links may lead to virus programs etc.

Use an LJ-CUT.
You must use an LJ-cut when:
- posting picture larger than 400x400 pixels (only ONE picture with maximum size of 400x400 pixels can be left without an LJ-cut - maximum 3 thumbnails can be left outside an lj-cut)
- posting a longer text, several downloads or anything else than takes a lot of space.
- posting an online video (embedded video screens always under a cut)
- posting gifs of any size (ALL gifs under an lj-cut)

TAG you post.
- Tags make it so much easier to navigate the community.
- If you have done a mistake with your tags, please notify the mods - only mods can edit tags that are already placed into a post. (We mods will also tag posts that are missing tags, but please try to tag the posts yourself, it's just good behavior.)
- Please check community Tags before making request/question/etc. If you do not understand how to search something with the tags etc, please ask us mods first.

☆ Do not disable comments.

☆ Stay in topic.
- We all love other Johnny's boys than just Kisumai, but posts in this community should be about them.

☆ Advertising/Sales.
- You are allowed to advertise other Kisumai related communities/forums (no personal journals). You are allowed to advertice this other site ONCE. More times than that will be considered spam.
- For project related things the same rule goes as with community/forum advertising, you are allowed to promote those ONCE. (If for some reason you'd require more than one post, please ask the mods.)
- For fanworks/graphics related projects, please post them at their own communities, not on the main community (please check the fanworks/graphics section below).
- You are allowed to make sales posts relating to goods of this group. You are allowed to make one sales post a week. (Please refrain from making a new sales post about the same goods as it can be considered spamming.) Please use masterposts for pre-order sales.
- Selling copies of official Johnny's goods (unofficial copies of official shop photos) for own profit is NOT allowed!

☆ Make difference between news and rumors.
- If you have a news topic, a link to the source where you got this information from is required. Without official origin the info is considered rumor. Official information means either Johnny's Net or some other respectable and trustworthy source.
- Official announcements from Johnny's are news shows in respected newspapers or TV broadcasts. Articles published in random tabloids (especially Chinese ones) are rumors. Please also note that while Wikipedia may be a good source of information for songs, concerts etc, it is NOT a reliable source for release information or in many cases even the boys' personal information because it is updated by FANS, not Johnny's people.

☆ Use English.
- Not all of us speak English as the first language but all of us can understand that, so please use only English when posting.

☆ Do not ask general LJ etc questions.
- LJ FAQ exists for instructing you how to post pictures, links, etc on LJ, so please search answers there. For more specific, Johnny's related questions, please check the FAQ that below the rules section in this post.

Requesting/Posting Downloads/Scans/etc

☆ Remember to check the tags/archives before posting/requesting
- Someone might have already posted what you wanted to post or what you were looking for.

☆ All requests and questions must be posted in the request/question masterpost
- Any question or requests posted in separate posts on the community will be deleted.

☆ Do not request licensed material/fancams
- Please do not request licensed material (CD rips, DVD rips) or fancams. They are not legal.
- People are allowed to post them and it's their own responsibility, but requesting them is not allowed.

☆ Do not request translations/subs.
- Please contact subbers/translators directly and not spam the community. You can find subbing teams/subbers via the subbed tag, and translators via translations tag.

☆ Do not request downloads/scans of things that have just been aired/released.
- Please wait at least 1~2 weeks after their release/airing date before requesting.
- Even if people are planning on sharing downloads/scans etc, there is no way they can do that right away. Things like that take time. If you want something, just wait a while. Please notice that when you do make requests like this right away, it makes you appear whiny, and people are less likely to even want to help you. Remember proper manners and respect towards other members.

☆ All posts including any kinds of downloads (videos, music, scans...) must be locked 'MEMBERS ONLY' at all times.
- Posting things like that openly could get the community into trouble.
- We mods can't edit the posts and lock them, you have to make sure you do it.
- If linking to somewhere outside the community (like your own journal), please make sure the post you are linking to is public so that people can access it. Linking to a locked post so that people have to friend you to view it is not allowed, because people should not be forced to make their private journals viewable to someone just because they want some downloads.
- If linking to a journal, the post you are linking to must be left open at all times! If linking to another community, the post can be locked, but must have open membership for people to join and access the post.
- Subbing communities are the only ones who are allowed to link into locked posts for security reasons.

☆ Do not post rips of official CD/DVD releases before their release dates.

☆ When posting a video/scans/etc, a preview picture would be recommended but not mandatory (however please remember the size limitations for pictures outside an lj-cut).

☆ When posting downloads/scans/etc in your own journal/community, give link to the actual post, not your journal/community in general.
- Post only linked to your journal/community main page instead of the actual post link will be considered as multiple advertisements of your own journal/community and will be deleted. If you are sharing downloads/scans/etc when you give a link in this community, give a link to THAT particular post in your journal/community. It will become impossible for the members to find the correct posts through links that are not linked to the correct location.

☆ Do not repost scans/translations/subs/etc if the person posting those in the first place has said "do not repost".
- These people have reason why they don't want you to do that. Make sure what the person posting the material has said and respect that. Some say you can repost as long as you credit, some say you don't have to credit and you can use them as you want, but some people don't want you reposting them at all. Respect their wishes! If you want to repost, ask permission from the original poster.
- You must always give proper credit when posting something that is not originally yours. If the person who has originally posted it does NOT want credit, do not credit them. They want to stay anonymous for their own security.

☆ Do not share online videos you don't have the permission to share
- You can share online videos from your own account (YouTube etc).
- If you want to share a link to a video that is not your own, you must ask permission from the owner of the account/video first. Many good accounts are owned by Japanese fans, and Japan has strict laws against posting copyrighted material. If these videos are linked to on foreign Internet forums, they are in greater risk of being discovered, and the owner of the account might get in trouble. At the very least the account will be deleted. If you want to post a link to an online video that is not your own, please check instructions what to do here.
- Always lock all posts including online videos. And remember to use an lj-cut.

In short, it's better to lock post kind of posts to keep things safe.


☆ Please make sure your translations are accurate enough.
- Inaccurate translations will result into wrong information among the non-Japanese speaking fandom. No, it's not better having incorrect translations than no translations at all.
- Translations done with google translator etc are not allowed!!
- If other people (or especially the mods) are pointing out several errors in your translation, please fix them. Unless these kind of mistakes are corrected within a few days from the warning, the post will be deleted. This is to avoid false information spreading in the non-Japanese fandom.
- To be safe, if you're not confident with your translation skills, get someone more skilled to beta your translations before posting them.

Fanworks & Graphics

☆ Fanfiction/fanart are no longer allowed in the main community but have their own community, kismyshowtime. The community is dedicated for all fanworks, so not just fanfiction, but fanart (and doujinshi) should all be posted there.

☆ Graphics are no longer allowed in the main community but have their own community, kismygraphics. The community is dedicated to all graphics (icons, banners etc) as well as fanvideos.

Please also keep all kinds of memes, contests etc relating to fanworks or graphics in the communities mentioned above. If you want to post something of such on the main community for some reason, please contact the mods, and if you are given permission, please mention in your post that you have gotten approval from mods for posting it here to avoid any confusion.

About Johnny's Net/TakiChannel Videos

☆ Do not rip any videos from Johnny's Net or TakiChannel.
- Johnny's has strictly forbidden this, and they have already taken the video section down once because people didn't respect the rule. We do not want to lose these videos!
- You can rip the videos for yourself, but please do not share them anywhere. ABSOLUTELY NO POSTING THEM ON STREAMING SITES!
- Doing this is one of the very few things that will get you banned IMMEDIATELY. Even if you are posting rips on other communities/locations, because you are causing problems to the fandom as a whole by doing that, it will also cause banning on this community.


(Please note that all the pre-order/ticket masterposts have the same tag.)

☆ Concert Goods Pre-order Masterposts
- Use these for selling/buying pre-order goods of Kis-My-Ft2 concerts etc.
- If you want to have a new pre-order goods masterpost for some event and one does not exist yet, please contact us mods and we will create one.

☆Concert Tickets Sales/Purchase Masterposts
- Use these for buying/selling/trading tickets to Kis-My-Ft2 concerts etc.
- If you want to have a new ticket sales masterpost for some event and one does not exist yet, please contact us mods and we will create one.

☆ Other Pre-order Masterposts
- Use these for selling/buying pre-order items of Kis-My-Ft2 releases. Use these ONLY for things not available to be ordered from normal online stores (for example Kis-My-Ft2 shop versions of singles).
- If you want to have a new pre-order masterpost for something and one does not exist yet, please contact us mods and we will create one.
- Masterpost for Johnny's shop goods won't be made because those are available/change all the time.


Q: How do I join the community?

A: You can find a joining link either on the community info page (one of those little links near the top), or if you have enabled the navigation bar (the little bar that shows on top of the page anywhere you go on LJ), you can find a join community link there also when viewing the community main page. (Or since you're here already, simply click here)

Q: What’s friends’ page? How can I get the community to show there?

A: Please check the LJ general FAQ for more about this. You can use the "Follow" link on the side bar of the community main page (or profile page) to follow the community, but note that this will only friend the community. You will see the entries on your friends' page, but unless you have actually joined the community also, you will not be able to see locked posts. Most of the posts are likely to be locked, so please join the community to view everything properly.

Q: How do I post pictures? Or how can I add XXX in my post!?

A: For how to post pictures or pretty much anything LJ related, please check the LJ FAQ. It's there to answer LJ users' questions.

Q: Ah, I wasn't supposed to post this here/I want to edit my post! What should I do?

A: See that little icon with a picture of a blue pencil on top of your post? Click on it and you will go to "edit post" screen. There you can edit your post as much as you want, and then save changes. If you want to delete the whole post, just press the delete button on the bottom of the edit page.

Q: I made a post to the community but it disappeared! What happened?

A: Most likely you broke some rule in your post and it was deleted by the mods. We usually comment to the post to explain why the post was deleted, so if you didn't receive a message, please make sure you have enabled receiving notifications from messages. Please make to sure to read the community rules before posting to prevent this.

Q: I want to make mp3 files of this performance, but I don't know how to do that... What should I do?

A: Rather than asking it on the community, you can easily rip videos into mp3s yourself. I recommend using GoldWave audio editor or a similar software, as there are various programs that are very simple to use.

Q: I'd want to get this one video into my iPod... How can I convert it to mp4 so that I can put it on my iPod?

A: I recommend using Videora iPod converter. It's a free program and very easy to use for converting videos to the right format for your iPod. There are other similar programs also.

Q: I sent you a question though LJ private messages but you haven't answered me, why?

A: We mods can't answer your questions if you have LJ messaging privacy settings keeping us from replying to your message. All LJ accounts have default setting where they DO NOT allow messages from other accounts, you have to change that. Here is how to do it: Go to your edit profile window and there is a part called "Contact Info". There is an option called "LJ User Messaging". From that menu, choose "REGISTERED USERS". This way all people with LJ accounts, including us mods, can send you messages. If you want an answer to your messages you must have this option chosen. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT SETTING HERE, WE MODS WILL NOT ANSWER YOUR MESSAGE BECAUSE WE CAN'T. We mods don't have the time to hunt down a way to answer your messages, so it's simple, we answer the messages we get, and if the answering is disabled, the messages are not answered. So we recommend you make sure your profile settings allow receiving messages if you want to get an answer.

Q: Where can I get information about in what TV shows/magazines Kis-My-Ft2 appears in?

A: The best place for that is the Media section under Kis-My-Ft2 info at Johnny's Net. You can view it here. You can also find other information there. (Note: Johnny's Net is in Japanese only.) The best way to find out about Kisumai's appearances is to check the community's tag for "!schedule". Kisumai's monthly appearances in TV shows, magazines etc are listed there in English.

Q: I want scans/music/videos/translations/etc where do I find them?

Tags and archives are your friends. See that big list on the side of the community main page under the calendar? Those are called "tags". (And above the calendar are the archives.) All downloads, scans etc are tagged accordingly, so use those to find what you are looking for. Look from there first, and only request something if you can't find it there.

Some TV shows have their own communities where the episodes are posted instead of here in kis_my_ft2 to keep things in order and avoid posting same thing in many different places. Please join those communities for the episodes. Here's a list of Kis-My-Ft2 member related show communities:

shokura - Community for Shounen Club - you can find all Shounen Club episodes through this, including HD episodes from the currently airing episodes.
100shikitv - Community for Hyakushiki Ou - all the current episodes are available in both MQ and HD as they keep airing. (Most of the older episodes from earlier have been posted at shoonie)

Please do not x-post episodes posted on those communities to avoid unnecessary spam.

Q: Where can I find basic info about the boys? Like their birthdays, how tall they are, do they have siblings, when they joined JE, what dramas have they been... That kind of things?

A: Please check the community profile page. When you scroll down the profile, there are individual profiles of each of the members.

Q: Do you know what the boys' religions are? They're not listed in the info...

A: The reason why it's not listed there is because religion is something the boys don't talk about, so no one can really answer that. Religion in Japan is not as clearly cut topic as in most other countries, so it is just normal for a person to consider themselves being part of more than just one religion, combining traditions from different ones depending on the situation.

Q: I want to find a drama where some of the boys are!! Where can I find them!?

A: First of all, the easiest thing to do is to check the indexes at jdramas (currently closed membership), ourhour or asian_doramas - jdramas only has subbed dramas, the other two have raws also. You can check the kis_my_ft2 community profile for information about the drama appearances of each member. Also, don't forget to check the drama/movie tag here on the community too, but overall finding dramas is easier from the communities purely dedicated to them.

Still not find what you're looking for? The d-addicts is the way to go (D-addicts does not require membership to access the files so you can easily find things there).

Also, you should try visiting Although there have been issues with quarreling over quality and origin of subs posted there, they have many popular dramas there, both raw and subbed, which you can watch online too if you don't want to download.

Q: Can I send fanletters to the boys?

A: Yes you can, the fanmail address is the following:

東京都渋谷区渋谷1-10-10 ミヤマスタワーB1F

Or if sending from outside Japan:

Johnny's Family Club
(Group's name) (Artist's name)
Miyamasu Tower B1F
1-10-10 Shibuya, Shibuyaku
Tokyo, Japan 〒150-8550

Please remember to mark in the address also the name of the group, as well as the name of the specific member you are writing to.

Do NOT send presents. Presents are not delivered to the boys. If you live in Japan the present is returned to you, if you live outside Japan the present is simply thrown away. Only send cards or letters.

Do not include your picture, email address or anything else like that in the letter. You can write your address to the envelope, and we encourage you to do it also, because this way the people inspecting the letters also know that the letter is not sent from any suspicious source because it has the sender address on it.

Q: Do the boys answer to the fanmail? I've sent many letters but I haven't gotten any answers!

A: Please consider how much fanmail the boys receive. For the most part they don't answer. Some fans have received answers, but those are only fans living in Japan and even these are very very VERY rare occasions.

Q: Do you know the email address of any of the boys? Or their blog? Can you tell me!?

A: The boys' email addresses, phone numbers and such are their private information and not something the fans should know. The boys don't use blogs either. The only "blog" they can openly use is Jweb, and their posting there is very limited. Kisumai has their own Jweb and it can be read outside Japan also if you have an android phone with the application (please note that Jweb has a monthly fee). You can read about how to get Jweb to your phone here.

There are "stalker guide books" that have info about the boys home addresses or places they like to shop and stuff like that, but please avoid those kind of things. The boys hate fans that use things like that and stalk them. In 2008 Johnny's boys had a video message to the fans in the Johnny's Family Club building about how they don't like fans who don't know how to behave. You can read the translation of the video here.

There are tons of "fake blogs" around, both in Japanese and English, on ameblo, mixi, FaceBook, MySpace etc with some Johnny's boy's name there. Those are fake. The boys are not allowed to have open blogs or post pictures of themselves in the Internet, so don't fall for them. There are different type of fake blogs, some have the artist's "real name" and picture and claim that they are that person, some don't have pictures but have initials or something, and hint towards the person they are and some blogs that are clearly admitting they're not the real person, but are just doing that for fun. The last option is the "harmless one" because in that case everyone knows they're not the real person, so it's not fooling anyone. But don't get fooled by the others. (Akanishi Jin has Twitter/FaceBook/YouTube account, yes, but that is different. Normal Johnny's rules don't restrict him.)

Also, let the boys have their privacy. Some Johnny's (usually the older ones who do get some slack from JE) might have facebook or something similar in their private life, but those are for their own use with friends, fans should not bother the boys during their private time. Of course, those would not be in the boys' real names in the first place anyway either, because they are not allowed to have blogs. So just know that unless it's an ex-JE guy (some of who do have open blogs btw), they WILL NOT use their own names on anything unless it's officially announced on Johnny's Net!

Q: Where is Johnny's Family Club?

A: The address for it is the same one as fanmail address:
Miyamasu Tower B1F
1-10-10 Shibuya, Shibuyaku
Tokyo, Japan 〒150-8550

You can find it when walking towards Aoyama from Shibuya, on the road where Aoyama theatre is. Do not walk up to Aoyama theatre. Turn left couple streets before it. After walking just a little bit, there's a grey building to your right with THIS text on it (the text is very small). Walk down the stairs and you're there.

Q: Where can I buy Johnny's stuff?

A: For concert goods (pamphlets, uchiwas, concert shirts, towels, venue photos and other goods it depends on the concert what kind of goods are sold) you need to buy them from the actual concert venue. Venue goods are rare because they are only sold during the very limited time. Shop photos are different from venue /usets. Old venue goods might be found from auctions or some shops in Japan (not official Johnny's shop but other idol shops).

You can get shop photos and some other goods (vary by the group and time) from Johnny's official shop. You can find the addresses, maps and times the shops are open here. The most known shop is in Tokyo, Harajuku. Please note that there are a lot of people using the Harajuku shop, so you can't always simply walk directly into the shop, but you have to line up for the shop, or possibly even tickets with which you can come line up with later at the appointed time. The Johnny's staff will instruct you in the case you have to line up. Please note that goods at the shop are only available for a limited time. Depending on the group the time for how long they will remain in the shop is about 6~12 months (it depends on how many/large new sets the group is getting, because the new ones replace the old ones and the space is very limited). NOTE: DO NOT TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS/RECORDINGS INSIDE JOHNNY'S SHOP!!

There are also many unofficial shops that sell old Johnny's goods as well as unofficial goods such as paparazzi photos. Harajuku of course has many unofficial shops that have tons of paparazzi photos (you can simply walk along Takeshita doori and you will pass by a lot of them), but in other places in Tokyo (and of course elsewhere in Japan too) there are many shops that sell unofficial goods as well as old official goods.

If you want to buy magazines with Johnny's boys, there are many different places to get them. Of course from any magazine stores in Japan, and there are shops outside Japan selling them too. Different Internet shops also sell them, one of the popular ones being, or you can subscribe to the magazines in for example CDJapan. You can also buy Johnny's CDs from these stores. Another Internet store you can buy Johnny's CDs/DVDs as well as other things from is YesAsia.

Q: Is there anywhere I can buy JE stuff in my own country?

A: Try checking out johnnys_outlet. They have information about different shops around the world that sell JE related goods. Also, if you think you might know a shop that sells JE goods, please do share about it with everyone at that community.

Q: I want to go to a Johnny's concert!! How do I get a ticket!?

A: Getting tickets to Johnny's events are really complicated. Fanclub members are the priority, they can ballot for the concert through their membership. If you live outside Japan, you can neither apply for fanclub tickets (you need to have an address in Japan to be a member of the fanclub) nor ballot for the other tickets some other way provided within Japan.

You can find ticket resales from auctions and some other sites, but in most cases they don't ship outside Japan. You can use shopping services for those matters. Resale tickets are usually a lot more expensive than the normal ticket price. Some shops that sell Johnny's goods also sell some concert tickets, but also for very high prices.

Please note that Johnny's concert tickets have a name of the owner of the ticket in them! If you get stopped at the concert entrance and the staff see that you are holding a ticket that doesn't have your name on it, they won't let you in.

Q: How can I subscribe to TakiChannel backnumber episodes so that I can watch the old episodes?

A: Please view detailed instructions here. You need a credit card to subscribe, but with the monthly fee you can view all the old episodes as well as enjoy special omakes. (Omakes only available for episodes that have aired after the backnumber was taken into use.)

If you have any questions about the rules or FAQ (or suggestions or anything else), feel free to contact the mods.
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