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AUDIOFIC -- The New Wave of Fanfiction

Have you ever been late to class or work because you just couldn't bear to leave that fanfic unfinished? Have you ever wished you could double duty clean your room and read fanfic at the same time? Have you ever sat on the train or the bus and wished you had something to listen to other than your SC ripped, low quality fan-screams-included version of Itoshii no Playgirl...AGAIN. The creators of MyMeMine proudly present their solution:

At the moment, the blog is still under works. Submission guidelines will be posted shortly, but before you turn on your microphones and get to reading, please know that audiofic will NOT accept smut. We get an icky feeling deep inside at the thought of a stranger's voice telling us exactly where THAT part goes. For more submission guidelines, please visit the blog itself.

Audiofic proudly presents its first production:

Tiny Roller Skates
By Scribe

To hear parts 2-4, please visit Tiny Roller Skates at Audiofic!
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