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finally.. a hirosuke moment?

i just watched this week's shounen club and i noticed something. towards the end of their endless road performance, right after taipi and hiro were spinning around, hiro was being exceptionally close to taipi. and then.. THEY HELD HANDS ♥. i rewatched that part 2816372726 times just to make sure. haha. ok. very probably maybe they had to do a stunt then off-camera but it still counts as a hirosuke moment to me. ^-^

nonetheless, i'm pretty satisfied with the camera time kisumai got this week. so much more than the last. XD

if you're trying to save space and only want the hirosuke moment, hotakky has uploaded this week's SC in parts as well as a whole. it's in part 6 of the clubbox files. ^-^ oh did i mention that hiro and taipi proposed?? though not to each other *is a happy fangirl* that's in the junior league which is in part 4. happy watching ~
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