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Kis-My-Ft2 - Popolo October 2011

Various translations I posted over the last few days.

After doing a survey about which members is in charge of what in the group, members have a crosstalk about the results. They also wrote senryuu (type of haiku poems) and talked about some recent news too.

( Popolo October 2011 - Miyata might be KisuMai’s ultimate weapon (laughs) )

Each member answers the same set of 77 questions, from every day mundane things to things they like to what-if situations. Compare how each member answers the questions differently!

( Potato December 2011 - You are surrounded by tigers on a grassland! What will you do? )

KisuMai's serial in Duet. Members' columns about various things. Nikaido and Senga being random, Yokoo talks about something he owns, Tama gives advice (?) to Miyata, and Kitayama and Fujigaya talks about responses to the theme they gave to readers.

( Duet July 2012 KisuTsuu - Let’s talk about the sole of a dog’s paw. That feeling. What is it like? )

KisuMai's serial in Duet. Members' columns about various things, though this month is a little different. Nikaido and Yokoo has a crosstalk, Miyata makes a comment about Tamamori's challenge on Ougon Densetsu, Senga talks about something he has in his bag. Kitayama, Fujigaya, and Tamamori's appearances are limited to the reports of HamaKisu and Ougon Densetsu.

( Duet August 2012 KisuTsuu - In August, I’ll be a handsome man )

Myojo's KisuMai serial page Kiss the Seven World. Each member have their own corner where they do various things from introducing and recommending things to completing missions?

( Myojo January 2013 Kiss the Seven World - With only Miyata’s gestures, can members guess whose impersonation Miyata is doing? )
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