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Title: EverLasting
Rating: PG-13 (I Think)
Parings: Senga KentoXNikaido Takashi, Senga
KentoXYokoo Wataru, Fujigaya TaisukeXKitayama
Hiromitsu, Tamamori YutaXMiyata Toshiya, NEWS
(Don't Know Yet), KAT-TUN (Don't Know Yet),
Tackey&Tsubasa(Don't Know), Golf-Mike (Maybe Not)
Summary: Senga Kento, A boy that's going to an "All
Boys School," nervous and scared is what he feels
in his body and mind. But since it's his first day
it seems that he got peoples attention. what will
happen now since it's going to be his first day at
an "All Boys School."



"All of us got gym together which would be interesting when tomorrow comes all the other things well kinda suck." Kitayama look up to me and Fujigaya still looking at the schedule.


After he had said that he bell rang telling them they gotta go to class.


"Well we gotta go to class, see ya!" with that everyone left for class.




While the day went on he thought Kitayama was right his schedule does suck.






"The bright light that shines everywhere keeping the shadows apart and the light that could lead us, showing us your bright yellow light how i hate u so very so."


"You blind me so very much I fell that I could spread apart, the devils that lives not under our feet but above my head so I hate you the devils  the lay there."


Silence came over the class as the speaker spoke to them in a very dull boring voice that seems to hate everything that he might come across.


"Thank you Ichi for that... Ummm.. intresting self

expression paper, you put a lot of... what's that word (in a low voice) emotion and it was very good that you did that." The teacher said to Ichi in a uncomfortable expression.


"Wasn't that something special class very good?" He said now looking at her class having the same expression as she was giving off.


Still the silence never left the room, the soundless lasted about 1 minute until.


"Can I sit now, I believe that I'm done with my paper now and I don't need to stand up here anymore." Ichi said to his teacher, after he said that he went heading to his seat with nothing to do put fall asleep.


"Yes, make sure you have a nice sleep to Ichi there’s nothing important going on while you sleep." He said in fear to the sleeping body that laid on the desk.


"Ok, now class next will be Senga Kento please come up here and present your wonderful paper to the class and me." changing his fear expression to a happy full of life face.


As he said my name I froze completely out from what Ichi said, but as I regain my status I stood up and walked up to the middle of the class and looked around the room as people stared at me to say my paper. While I see people staring at me I felt weak now I don't really like being the middle of the attention like this than slowly the room was darkening out from my eye sight.




I opened my eyes and all I see is some white walls as I laid down on something that’s not very soft but kinda hurt my back.


"Oh, I see your awake now young man I'm glad that you're fine now but there's someone here to see you do you want to see him now that your awake and fine." the old man had said that just came in the room in a white coat.


"Ummm... ok, I guess you could let the person in" I said to the old man in the white lab coat  and after I said that she just nodded her head and walked out the door to get the person she mention earlier.


It took her 30 seconds to come back and he stuck his head in the door looking at me with a smile on his face.


"Oh, here he is but it seems he was very worried about you he even said he'll wait until you get up" said the doctor as he step aside to let the person that waited for me inside the room.


"You didn't have to say that whole part to him Mr. Kang you always have to make me go crazy every time I'm with you" said the deep voice that I wouldn't think belonged to anyone that I know Ever in my life.


"Oh, you crazy people and your pride" he said as he went out the door laughing and then he closed the door leaving me and this stranger that look familiar to me.


The person that was brought in the room was looking at the door he had short hair black to brown tall and look muscular and pretty good looking, then the man turned around looking straight at me making eye to eye contact.


"Uhh~~ do I know you, because I don’t think I seen you before in this school" I said to the man that's right in front of me.


But as I seem to had said that the man made a pout across his face and making his arms hold in over his chest.


"I can't believe you don't remember me after all these years I know we never saw each other over 4 years but I guess I grew up more and you never changed at all my little cutie" he said  as he went closer to me and me reacting back by moving away from this stranger.


"Please don't hurt me" I said


"Oh, I would never hurt my dear cute brother of mines" he said and stopping his movement, looking at me with a curious face eyes straight to my eyes.


"Uhh.. You mean your Pi-chan I thought you moved in with a friend because you said you needed to live life by yourself" having a shocked expression.


"Yea Jin is kinda crazy and all but I heard a boy fainted during class and they said it was you and that got me shocked and scared because I was like oh no my bro is not felling well and  I came up here to check up on you and great my bro."


"Oh I see thanks for showing up an all that really means a lot to me y'know so thanks Pi-chan" I said as I delivered a smile to his way.


"No Prob. you can always find me whenever you need me to keep someone ass for you because I love my cute brother of mines all mines." He said and went up to me gave me a hug.


"Thanks, but... can you stop calling me cute and all please I get enough people calling me that."


"No I don't think I can do that or I'll be a lie and how be calling you cute I can only call you that" as he broke out of the hug giving me a gasping face.





Ok that's the end of the chapter but for now on I will make the chapters short but theirs a good side to it to and it's making more chapters than I really wanted.


OHHHH sorry for the very very late update but I have things in my life I have to do.

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