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Kis-My-Ft2 - Duet May 2012

!! I've been posting scans and translations every day for the month of June, so if you're interested and/or you feel like you might have missed some posts, please check them all here. !!

Recent posts of translations.
Each member answers to 7 rumours that the interviewer has for them. Are they true or false? Includes missions of them taking photos of each other and recent news in the form of scoops.

( Duet May 2012 - Is it true that Miyata is cute lately? )

KisuMai's serial in Duet. Members' columns about various things, but this month, the members switched up as to who is doing what column. Read to see who's doing what~ Includes about Yokoo and Nikaido being in Gineiden and doing the photoshoot for it.

( Duet April 2013 KisuTsuu - For things you want Wataru and I to do, we’d do anything. )

KisuMai's serial in Duet. Members' columns about various things. Nikaido and Senga being random in message form, Miyata talking about moe, Yokoo talking about something he owns, Tama asking Miyata a question, and Kitayama and Fujigaya talking about a question for readers. Includes reports of various activities members are doing and a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff.

( Duet May 2013 KisuTsuu - Senga’s advice was very accurate. Actually, yesterday too, a mail came from him about that, and I kind of almost cried (laughs). )
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