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[MOD] Additional Tag

This is just a quick mod post to point out that there's an additional tag, just in case people won't notice when they're making a post, especially with more TV appearances coming up.

There is now a d: music show tag to separate the music shows from other TV shows, so please use the tag when appropriate!

The tag is for shows that are all about music, such as Music Station, Kayoukyoku!, and other shows. As another example, KisuMai's collaboration with SMAP on SMAP x SMAP is still under the TV show tag because that show is not a music show. There shouldn't be a lot of exceptions though, so it should be easy to figure out which tag to use. Remember Shounen Club has its own tag!

Also, the d: uwasa/shirokuro tag has been renamed to d: toshokan to better represent both the former and current show title.

There are no plans to have more detailed tags at the moment as it's not like all the tags are bursting with entries. If you have some other suggestion though, feel free to leave a comment or send a PM my way.
Tags: ! mod post

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