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Kis-My-Ft2 - Wink Up January 2012

Translation. Based on topics given, members discuss together things such as how they have changed or not changed since debut, some rules/habits they have (where to sit in a car, the order they shower in after a concert), Sexy Zone as their kouhai, and recent work.

( It’s just business love. Supply! There was a need so we supplied it. That’s all there is to it! )

Translation. KisuMai's serial in Duet. Members' columns about various things, but with some shuffling this month. Nikaido and Kitayama being random, Senga talking about moe, Miyata talking about something he owns, Tama replying to readers' responses, and Yokoo and Fujigaya talking about readers' responses as well.

( Duet August 2013 KisuTsuu - My growth spurt wasn’t enough...that’s what you wanted to say, yea!
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