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[News] Fujigaya in a New Show

The official news is out.

Fujigaya Taisuke will be doing a new show called "Kis-My-Ft2 Fujigaya Taisuke J's Teacher Kyokutou Russia wo Iku".

There are many Japanese restaurants in the Far East, but many of them serve dishes that are not what Japanese people know to be famous, such as sushi and oyakodon. Hearing that there is a chance to spread Japanese culture in a slightly different way, Fujigaya stood up to the challenge and goes on a trip to Russia.

While travelling throughout Russia, Fujigaya stops by various Japanese restaurants and works there. Before leaving Japan, Fujigaya had studied at a Japanese restaurant about Japanese food and five basic rules as to how to serve customers in Japan. Fujigaya teaches the things he had learned to people he meets in Russia. In a country he has never been to, seeing scenery he has never seen, and not being able to speak the language, through enjoying a foreign culture, Fujigaya comes to learn of Japan and its culture in a different light.

The show will start October 7th, airing from 25:29 - 25:59 on NTV. This is the same timeslot as Kitayama's India trip show from last year.

Source: Official Website
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