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[News] Kamen Teacher Movie

It has been announced that the drama Kamen Teacher will get a sequel in the form of a movie. The movie will come out February 22nd, 2014.

With the movie version, the cast also gets a power up. In addition to the original members, new cast members include Snow Man's Sakuma Daisuke, Miyadate Ryouta, Abe Ryouhei, as well as 7West's Kotaki Nozomu. These are just the Johnnys members. There are a few actors and actresses added to the cast as well. Kotaki plays the president for the new student council.

It seems like one of the new members of the cast (Endou Kenichi) will play Gouta's benefactor from the past and there will be conflict between them.

This is Fujigaya's silver screen debut.

Source: Oricon Style, TV magazine Twitters
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