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[News] Kis-My-Ft7 and their DVD

To celebrate 7-11's 40 anniversary, Kis-My-Ft2 has been selected to promote the anniversary fair. Linking to 7-11, they are going to temporarily change their name to Kis-My-Ft7. This is for events etc related to 7-11, however, so for anything else, they are still Kis-My-Ft2. As Kis-My-Ft7, they will be singing the song LUCKY SEVEN!!

As part of the promotion campaign, KisuMai7 will also be releasing a DVD that can only be ordered at 7-11 or its online shopping website, 7net Shopping. The DVD LUCKY SEVEN!! will only be available for those in Japan and one person can only buy one copy. It comes with an original movie, the making of the movie, a A2 poster, as well as a serial number you can use to ballot for an event next year. The event is a mini live for the "disbanding" of Kis-My-Ft7 in March 2014, when the campaign will be ending. 7&I editions of Snow Dome no Yakusoku / Luv Sick also has a serial number for the same event. The price is 1500 yen and will be released 12/20.

If you buy things at 7-11 starting 11/15, for every 700 yen you spend, you can participate immediately in a lottery to win a set of KisuMai7 stainless cups (only 10 sets per shop) or other 7-11 goods like snacks, etc. You can also mail in/apply online to ballot for various other items based on how many sets of serial numbers you have, including KisuMai7 goods such as compact speaks and a music box.

Source: 47news | 7-11 Campaign Website | LUCKY SEVEN!! DVD

Also, shop editions (member versions) will be released for Busaiku's single. I have edited the post about it for those who didn't see it.

KisuMai will also be appearing on Sound Room next week.
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