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[News] Kitayama in Musical + More About Kis-My-Ft7 Campaign

It has been announced that Kitayama will be one of the leads for the musical "Ai no Uta wo Utaou" next year. The other lead is Yamaguchi Tomomitsu, whom you may recognize from variety shows and a few dramas. The musical is for the 55th anniversary of Kansai TV, so there are quite a few big names in the staff and cast, including Suzuki Osamu writing the script and music by Makihara Noriyuki.

Takada Sho will also participate in this musical. For those of you who know, Enamoto Tokio, who has worked a few times with Fujigaya as well as Kitayama in Beginners! will be in it too!

From January 10th to 21st, 2014, the musical will run for 16 shows at Toukyuu Theatre Orb. From January 25th to February 2nd, 2014, the musical will run for 10 shows at Osaka Orlix Theatre.

Source: Musical Homepage

Also, here's some addition information about the Kis-My-Ft7 campaign.

I didn't post about this yesterday since I didn't see the updated website until a few hours later, but in additional to the 700 yen lottery mentioned here, there will also be a 500 yen lottery, where you buy a ticket and do a lottery to see what goods you will receive on the spot. It is the same as the kuji/lottery that was done February of this year. You can see all the goods of the lottery here. Starting day will depend on each store and when they receive their stock. Most 7-11s tend to receive two sets of lottery goods.

7-11 is also releasing a bunch of original 7-11 x KisuMai7 collaboration goods such as earphones, mechanical pencils, bandaids and chocolate! You can see the full list here with photos (scroll down). These goods are mainly being sold online with some available at limited branches of 7-11 and Itou Youkadou. They start selling on 11/15, at 10:00.

It is uncertain how fast these will sold out though because KisuMai chocolate from February sold out online really quickly, and the KisuMai7 DVD's preorder finished online the moment it opened today! You can still pre-order in person at a 7-11 though, so if you're in Japan or will be asking someone to pre-order for you, you might want to do it soon!
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