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[News] More Kamen Teacher-related Things

Just a few things.

There will a drama special for Kamen Teacher that will air on 2/14 at 21:00 before the movie will be released. The story is set before the drama series so most of the cast is separate from that of the drama series/movie. Among the people who play the students in this special are Matsumura Hokuto, Tanaka Juri, and Yasui Kentarou.

Even before that, there will be a navigation program for the drama special (I believe) on 2/8, starting 15:55.

Also, there will an official book released for the movie on 2/15. This is basically similar to books released for dramas like Ikemen Desu ne. 124 pages long, it will include gravure spreads and interview of Fujigaya Taisuke, Kikuchi Fuuma, and Jesse. M4 members get a roundtable discussion. The new student council will be included too of course. Kotaki Nozomu gets a solo interview, while the Snow Man members will have their own group talk. There will be stills from the movie as well as making offshots, so there will many things filling the book.

There is also a magazine rush for the movie promotion, so check the schedule for more information. It does not include some really local guide magazines like Komachi though at the moment. I may add them later.

I'm sorry I didn't make a proper post about the new single and the details, but I'm sure people know about this by now, so I won't make another post about it.
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