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[News] Fujigaya as Solo Lead in a Stage Play

It has just been announced, through early release of the newspapers, that Fujigaya Taisuke will be taking the lead role of a stage play. It is his first time as a solo lead and his first time working on a play outside of Johnnys productions.

The stage play's title is コルトガバメンツ (Koruto Gabamentsu - Colt Governments? Gabaments? I'm not sure of the official romanization). Taisuke plays Fujii Hajime, a 27 years old who failed with finding a job and ended up as a hikkikomori - someone who doesn't leave their house/room, a shut-in. The play will take place in one room and is a dialogue/conversation-based play with just five people.

Taisuke's co-stars are Nakao Akiyoshi, Kubotsuka Shunsuke, Shioda Takaoki, and Masu Takeshi. Among the cast, Masu Takeshi has worked with Taisuke before in Shinikare (the acupuncturist).

The run of the play is as following:
5/11 - 6/8 : Tokyo Parco Theatre
6/10 - 6/13 : Morinomiya Piroti Hall
6/20 - 6/22 : Kitakyuushuu Geijutsu Gekijou

There is no website up yet for the play, so it's not to be mistaken with another play which was performed before with the same title. It is a different play, with a different plot.

More details about the shows will probably come soon.
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