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[fic] Kitayama x Tamamori - Of Fallacy and Perceived Perceptions [1/1]

Title: Of Fallacy and Perceived Perceptions
Author: BG
Pairing: Kitayama Hiromitsu x Tamamori Yuta
Ratings: PG+
Disclaimer: I do not own them.
Prompt: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Thank you to kizuite for the pairing and the prompt. You wanted to see what I could do with this pairing. Well here it is in all its glory lameness^^


It was the week before Nikaido’s birthday that Kitayama felt like a veil had been lifted from his eyes. What was it that he had been doing that he hadn’t seen all the signs? What had happened to those years? Why hadn’t he noticed that instead of a gawky looking boy with pouty lips and wide expressive eyes there now stood a man with a strangely seductive smirk and gentle eyes that still held that youthful cheerfulness but now had that extra something else hiding in their depths?


Tamamori. His Tama-chan was now a man.

He didn’t ask the question. He was too unsure of how to even broach the subject but he was more afraid of what the answer would be. He was afraid that it would confirm what he already believed to be true.

It made Kitayama a little sad. Despite all his teasing, he was strangely protective of his kohai. The more attention he paid to Tamamori the more he realized that he truly was all grown up now. He already towered over him when they stood side by side. Now, Tamamori had that spark, that quiet self confidence that burned bright when one lost the innocence that went hand in hand with childhood.

The more Kitayama dwelled on it the more it affected him. He gradually lost that feeling of sadness and in its place jealously planted seeds of frustration, disappointment and a sort of indescribable unfounded anger. All those feelings jumbled up inside him made Kitayama ill to the stomach. However, it was the anger that frightened and confused him above anything else.

Why was he so angry?

He didn’t know.

Despite the fact that Taisuke liked to frequently point out that Tamamori lived partly in his own world, he was not blind to all that happened around him. He was more than aware of what he thought was Kitayama’s growing animosity towards him but he was puzzled over the reason behind it.

He didn’t dare ask him about it. He was afraid that he wouldn’t like the answer and he was scared that Kitayama would take his head off for his perceived impertinence. He had noticed the change in Kitayama over the past couple of weeks. He couldn’t fathom what had brought it about.

The only thing that had happened to him in the last week was he had spilt from his girlfriend. He was feeling lighter than air and for those first few days he walked with a spring in his step. Until, that is, he noticed the way Kitayama watched him with dark eyes. Those eyes that seem to penetrate his very soul made him uncomfortable. He felt like he was burning. He felt like his skin was crawling. He felt like he was in a state of a perpetual flush, his skin felt too hot and his heart raced away inside his chest.

All Kitayama had to do was catch his eye and he had to fight away a blush from staining his cheeks. The blood roaring in his ears was so loud sometimes he was surprised no one had complained of the noise.

Tamamori didn’t understand what was happening. He didn’t understand why it was happening now. He didn’t understand anything.

After weeks of his observation with Tamamori being none the wiser, Kitayama had finally had enough. He had to know for sure. He finally saw his chance; all of Kisumai had gone to karaoke except Miyata how had something else on. He watched Tamamori leave their room and soon followed him.

Kitayama pushed a surprised Tamamori back into the bathroom with one hand on each shoulder and a dangerous gleam in his eye. The shock hadn’t ever registered in Tamamori’s eyes until his back connected with the cool tiles of the opposite wall. He stared in disbelief but didn’t make any attempt to move.

Kitayama watched him for what felt like eons until quite suddenly he was pulled forward by the hands still on his shoulders. His eyes widened but slowly slid shut. He groaned as hands traveled the length of his torso and smoothed the skin of his exposed hip bone. Tamamori felt his arms move of their own accord, slowly making their way into Kitayama’s hair.

His muffled moan echoed softly in the dimly lit bathroom. He was pushed back against the wall and suddenly the weight against his chest disappeared. He opened his eyes to see a flushed Kitayama standing defiantly in front of him.

“Why did you let me do that?”

“Because I wanted you to.”

The answer made Kitayama glower.

“It’s different with a man you know.”

Now Tamamori was confused. What was different?

Kitayama watched as confusion flicked in Yuta’s eyes. He was suddenly feeling less sure about himself.

“Sex,” he clarified.

Tamamori promptly blushed scarlet. Hiromitsu frowned. Just that word could draw such a response? Wasn’t Tama-chan already….? Hadn’t he already….? What one Earth was going on…?

“I..I – uh – I haven’t… Haven’t with anyone…um…”

Tamamori trailed off humiliated.


Kitayama looked at the glum look on his kohai’s face. He licked his lips and watched as Tamamori followed the moment and then bowed his head in embarrassment. He remembered the taste of Yuta’s lips.

He inched up on his tip toes and pressed a light kiss to Tamamori’s lips who jerked in surprise. When he finally caught the other’s eye he gave his brightest smile and slipped his hand into Yuta’s and promptly pulled him back out into the hallway so they could return to the others.

As they made their way down the corridor, Tamamori tugged on his hand.

“I know a little. I’m willing to learn.”

He said it with such earnestness Kitayama almost missed what it was that he was referring to. He blushed. He squeezed Yuta’s hand and turned away.

This could be fun. He could feel Tamamori’s warm skin against his own. He had tasted Tamamori’s lips. He could explore everything about him now.

His Tama-chan was finally his. His alone.

He struggled to keep his blush in check but he couldn’t stop the silly grin that insisted on showing itself.


A/N: Uh...yayness for lameness? T_T
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