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Kis-My-Ft2 - Translations

Here's a bunch of translations I posted the last few days.

Translation. KisuMai's serial in Duet. Members' columns about various things. Kitayama and Fujigaya gives readers a question, Tamamori answers a question, Miyata talks about a certain ABC-Z member, Yokoo talks about something he owns, and Senga and Nikaido talks about food/nabe. Plus some extra news and backstage bits.

( Duet December 2013 KisuTsuu - It’s definitely heavy no matter who wears it. )

Taisuke talks about what he thinks is "cool" - for both guys and girls, himself, and other members.

( TV Guide 9/14 2012 - I want to go to a fan’s house to give her tickets to our concert. )

TVfan KisuChoco serial. Yokoo x Fujigaya x Tamamori. They mainly talk about what they feel participating in T&T's 10th Anniversary Live and SMAP's concert and what they think they should do for their kouhai in return.

( TVfan December 2012 - They really were stars. Their auras were amazing. )

TVfan KisuChoco serial. Yokoo x Fujigaya x Senga. After talking about their impressions of Tokyo Dome after their concert there for the first time, they talked about the ear monitors that were specially made for them with designs they decided on.

( TVfan November 2011 - Are you not okay without Nikaido around? )

Taisuke talks about his thoughts on his role in Kamen Teacher and a bit about the kouhais he will be working with. He also talks about Miyata being a spy...!?

( TVfan August 2013 - To like everyone is a difficult thing, right? )

TVfan KisuChoco serial. Nikaido x Fujigaya. They talk a bit about summer things based on a question from the previous pair who did the serial interview, other recent things like a certain photoshoot Taisuke did, and how they've grown.

( TVfan November 2013 - I had thought that I’d do it one day. )
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