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Kis-My-Ft2 - Translations

More translations.

Not only does Taisuke talks about his feelings towards the play, he talks about trying to experience living like a shut-in and a certain friend of his. Plus an extra bit about members, among other people, and their reactions towards him doing the play.

( Best Stage June 2014 - After I received the offer, I tried shutting in at home (laughs) )

Members answer questions based on their memories of school and give a message to people who are starting a new life, whether it'd be school or work. They also answer other questions such as songs to recommend beginners of KisuMai and what costumes they like the most so far.

( Fanclub Booklet Vol.9 - I’d often do my homework in the car when my mom picked me up and went straight to lessons )

A short interview about Taisuke and his feelings about Colt Governments and what people might be able to take from the play.

( TV Guide 5/16 2014 - Fans would understand me, but to people who don't know me, they'd probably think, 'He's saying rude things.' )

Taisuke talks about working with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and his views on marriage, theme as taken from the drama Dokushin Kizoku. Then, there's a bit about what kind of movie he thinks KisuMai should be in together.

( TVfan January 2014 - I think there’s something like that in me too )

A short interview where Taisuke talks about Colt Governments and his reaction towards what the director said about him. He is also wondering how things would turn out if he has different work on days there are no shows of the play.

( TVfan June 2014 - It will completely different based on that person’s view of life and interpretation. )

Miyata x Fujigaya. The two talks about various things from their days off to an episode from the past.

( TVfan March 2013 - In the end, I found out that you overslept three years later (laughs). )

Members look back on 2013 and set their goals for 2014 in a crosstalk. What is it they want to try working together on?

( Gekkan The Television - February 2014 - Well then, let’s have our next goal be big! Five domes tour! )
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