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Kis-My-Ft2 - Translations

Like before, a bunch of translations.

Senga x Fujigaya. They talk about Senga's friendship with Taisuke's younger brother and share common episodes for being the older brother.

( TVfan March 2014 - I have a younger brother too, so I totally understand that! )

Members talk about their regular shows and what they think of them in a crosstalk. Individually, they talked about what stood out to them in 2013 and what they're hoping for in 2014, for work and/or personal. They list MVPs of the year within the group and outside of the group as well.

( Gekkan TV Guide February 2014 - I had thought it’d work then, but I failed. )

Members each look back on 2013 and talk about things like a new side they discovered of themselves, a song, food and such that left an impression on them, as well as what they want to learn and who they want to meet and such in 2014.

( Fanclub Booklet Vol.8 - Japanese people don’t speak enough English! )

Before rehearsals being for the play, Taisuke talks about what he thinks of the play, his own elementary school days, and his view of justice.

( Stage Square Vol.8 - I personally was a problematic kid when I was in elementary school. )

While it is mainly Taisuke's solo interview, it is mixed with comments from the editor/writer and Tamura Takahiro, the producer for the play. While talking about his thoughts on the play, like how he imagines things would come together, Taisuke also includes bits about how he is with his old friends. He shares a short episode about a stage show he saw with his brother and what he considers a "breather" for himself.

( STAGEnavi No.1 - In life, there are various choices, and depending on what you choose and felt is right for yourself at that moment, your life will change. )

Members look back on 2012 and how they got their own fanclub, and continues with what they want to do in 2013. They also answer the questions of the senpai/kouhai they get along with and what food they ate in one day.

( Fanclub Booklet Vol.4 - In my house, there’s a place where I have Senga’s autograph and a photo of me from a while ago displayed, so I put [the fanclub membership card] there with them. )

Members split into the older three and the younger four for a crosstalk. They talk about many things, from what if they become fathers to rebellious phases to how to deal with babies to having pets. Find out what members want to do when they have kids in the future.

( Wink Up April 2012 - Eh, somehow, since a while ago, we’re talking like it’s for a magazine about child rearing, but this is Wink Up, right (laughs)? )
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