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new 11th single - Another Future will release on aug 13

new 11th single - Another Future will release on aug 13
theme song "Another Future" is Nobunaga no chef part 2 theme song and already sung at today's concert.

details of the single: http://avex.jp/kismyft2/discography/.
The first limited edition, Type A comes with a DVD that will have the "Another Future"PV and the making of. It will also have two songs in total

The second limited edition, Type B also comes with a DVD with the "Perfect World" PV and the making of. Its CD track listing is the same as the other LE

Then the regular edition will just be the CD as usual but it will come with a bonus track that bumps the total number of songs to 3 for it. It will include a photo booklet.

There is another shop version, but it is only for those with Japanese addresses as it has to be ordered through Avex's online store for the group. But it will have the same 2 tracks as the LEs and comes with other goods. The details of the goods will be announced on later date.
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