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[News] New KisuMai TV Show

I'm sure many people may have heard through other sources, but I'm going to post the details and such here.

KisuHama TV is coming to an end, and to replace it, KisuMai will be having their first completely solo TV show on TV Asahi. (Previous shows were all with Hamaguchi Masaru and was shown in shows' titles as well. Whether Hamaguchi-senpai will be part of the show in a smaller role is unknown. No articles mentioned it, I believe.)

The new show is called "Kis-My-Ft2 presents Office Learning Variety OL Club". It is based on a show that was hosted by SMAP's Nakai Masahiro and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi 17 years ago on the same channel. As people who don't have the normal experience and knowledge of the society and office work setting, KisuMai will play interns in a fictional office setting with ladies working there. They will receive tasks and instructions from their strict superior, who will be played by Toda Keiko (voice only, the actress who played the vice principal in Misaki No.1!!). They're going to learn various skills that's necessary for one to work in an office setting because the concept of the show is "So that they will be fine, even if they get fired as idols".

Other than that, in a mini corner of the show, they will be showing short dramas, reenacting power harassment and sexual harassment situations that women working in an office have experienced. Senga will be crossdressing and playing the role of the woman. Whether this corner will happen every episode is unknown.

It will start on September 30th, in the same timeslot that KisuHama TV is in now.

Source: Oricon and other newspaper articles
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