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Fujigaya Taisuke in Nobunaga Concerto

We got early release of information from SMAP x SMAP when they showed a preview of Nobunaga Concerto cast members at Bistro last week and being surprised at Taisuke being there, but today, we got an official announcement about him being in the drama!

Taisuke will be playing Maeda Toshiie, one of the warriors fighting under Nobunaga. Toshiie is his name he received at an older age though, so he may start off in the drama with his childhood name, Inuchiyo.

He is currently expected to appear in the drama starting in the second episode, to be aired October 20th at 21:00. In the beginning of the third episode, he will be practising sumo, so we may get to half-naked Taisuke!?

The producer had worked with Taisuke before in PRICELESS, and when he was thinking about who should play Toshiie, Taisuke's face popped up in his mind. According to the producer, Toshiie admires Nobunaga/Saburou and is like a kouhai to Saburou, and he was reminded of how Taisuke was like on PRICELESS' set in front of Kimura Takuya. It sounds like Taisuke was chosen thanks to all the effort he put in his previous works!

Source: FujiTV
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