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[News] Busaiku Lead in Drama

It has been announced that Busaiku members will be playing leading roles together in NTV's upcoming drama, "Heisei Busaiku Salaryman", scheduled to start 10/18. It is probably the same time slot as the currently airing "Kinkyori Renai".

The four members will be using their own names in the drama, but acting as salarymen/businessmen. The drama will be about realistic, common episodes within the daily life of a salaryman that anyone with the experience can relate to.

Nikaido will be playing a passionate company worker. Senga plays a worker who is strict towards women, but easy towards men (in terms of work, etc). Miyata is someone who is unable to read the atmosphere/act per situation. Yokoo plays someone who is senpai to the other three, but can't work very well/isn't good at his job.

They each made a comment. Nikaido said, "We were called by the manager, saying, 'I have something to tell you,' and to be honest, I thought we were going to be told, 'Busaiku is over.' Since it was about being leads in a drama though, I was very happy."

Senga said, "It's just like Busaiku to be able to do our first leads in a drama together, the four of us."

Miyata commented, "(My character) is too much like me that it's hard to act."

Yokoo appealed to viewers. "I'd be happy if even people who are presently working as salarymen would watch and see how we act our roles with everything we got."

Other members in the cast include Maiko, Minamisawa Nao, Nomaguchi Tooru, and Shiga Koutarou.

Source: Early release of Monday's newspaper
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