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[Advertisement] Hayashi's RPG

Do you like to role-play? Do you love Johnny's Entertainment? Can't stop loving those pretty boys dancing on stage? Can't help deny the fact that you are fangirling those younger then you!? Who doesn't love those Juniors? You know those boys who you look forward to watching ever first two Sundays of the month? Yeah, those boys, the horde of them just covering the stage completely! Yes, well it's an alternate-universe but I would like to say.....................

An all-boys boarding school, founded by the famous Johnny Kitagawa. His training school where many young males work hard to strive for their goal. Learning the arts; music, dance, acting, being able to hone these skills is their challenge. One of the best schools, where graduates are now one of the best entertainers, artists, and actors of this day. The greatest aspect of being a student at Hayashi's is the chance to be scouted for various side-jobs. As a student, the test to see if you're ready for the outside world, the scouting give many the chance to challenge that and become the best. Yet, in every teenagers life, there is drama, love, problems, friends, enemies, etc. Would you not come and join in on the fun?



P.S Don't forget to read the profile to learn all the rules (though some of them we overlook at certain times ><)

Message from mod:
Hi there! With the start of the New Year, it also brings the one year anniversary of Hayashi's. It was just a simple plan I had back at the end of Decemeber in 2006 and now it has gradually grown into one of the places where I have met the greatest people I know on LJ today. Though it wasn't what it use to be, why don't you give it a chance and see how fun it is.

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