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Kis-My-Ft2 - Various Translations

I haven't crossposted any of my translations since summer, so here they are, including a short one I just posted today. In the order of oldest to newest.

Members talk based on 26 keywords, from A to Z. From things they want to do to places they want to visit, they also talk about each member as members' names are part of the keywords.

( Duet July 2014 - I don’t want to think it’s something natural for everyone to come for us. That’s why I want to treasure the fact that those people came and I always think about how I want them to enjoy themselves completely. )

KisuMai's serial in Duet. This month was a special crosstalk with Busaiku. They talk about their thoughts on the unit forming, their performance at Tokyo Dome and their ambitions for the future.

( Duet January 2014 KisuTsuu - We panicked too much and got lost. )

Individually, they talk about another member and a side to them that only they know as members of the same group. Then in a group crosstalk, they talk about Another Future, their upcoming anniversary and future anniversaries. Even their 50th anniversary!?

( The Television 8/15 2014 - How old are we at our 50th anniversary though? I’ll be 78 years old? )

TVfan serial. Kitayama x Miyata. The interview happened on the morning of the day KisuMai debuted, so naturally, part of their conversation was about debut. They also answered a question from a reader about who is the older brother type and younger brother type within KisuMai to them.

( TVfan October 2011 - From my point of a view as a fan though, I feel jealousy with things like kissing scenes. )

KisuMai's serial in Duet. Members' columns about various things. Nikaido answers a question, Miyata talks about having his heart stolen, and Yokoo talks about something he owns. There is a short report about Ai no Uta no Utaou's press release conference as well as backstage bits from both Duet's spread and KisuMai's calendar.

( Duet February 2014 KisuTsuu - Snitching food party )
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