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Kis-My-Ft2 - Duet September 2014

Crossposting two translations of interviews from somewhat recent magazines I posted last week.

Each member answer questions related to "surprises" - whether they like them, if they had to do a surprise date, best memorable surprises, if they had to surprise a member, which member surprises them, and which two other members they would want to live with if they had to live in a share house.

( Duet September 2014 - Our debut was of course a surprise, but I think everyone will talk about it, so... )

In a crosstalk, members imagine about themselves 20 years later and fantasize what kind of drama they'd do together then. The heroine is someone surprising...!? A short report of Another Future PV filming is included as well.

( Gekkan The Television October 2014 - A super comedic drama with Senga Kento as lead is born!? )
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