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[News] Busaiku's Third Single

We had a CD shop release information early again about two days ago, but there was a bit of a mistake in that and well, official information is out today!

Busaiku will be releasing their third single, Yacchatta!!, on 3/8. The song is the one used in their CM for Kowa Ekikyabe Series. This is a Sunday release, like their previous single, and unfortunately, both AKB and Exile are releasing their new singles in the same week, so Busaiku probably won't be experiencing getting first place for the first time yet.

Limited Edition A [CD + DVD] / 1728 yen

01 Yacchatta!!
02 Yacchatta!! (Karaoke)

・ Yacchatta!! MUSIC VIDEO
・ Yacchatta!! Making

Limited Edition B [CD + DVD] / 1728 yen

01 Yacchatta!!
02 Yacchatta!! (Karaoke)

・ Yacchatta!! Multi-angle PV
・ Yacchatta!! Recording and Talk Corner (Tentative)

Regular Edition [CD] / 1080 yen
16 pages photo Booklet
Picture Label
Sleeve Case
Serial code for balloting for an event (details to be announced later)

01 Yacchatta!!
02 Titititerette Teretitite ~Dare no Ketsu~ (Euro Beat Version)
03 Yacchatta!! (Karaoke)

Shop Editions [CD + Goods] / 1080 yen each
Solo Picture Label
Members' "life-size" solo posters
Senga ver / Miyata ver / Yokoo ver / Nikaido ver

01 Yacchatta!!
02 Yacchatta!! (Euro Beat Version)
03 Yacchatta!! (Karaoke)

Source: KisuMai Official Website

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