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[News] Kitayama in Takizawa Kabuki

Sorry for another post, but this is apparently a day of announcements.

It's been announced through FC email that Kitayama will be appearing in Takizawa Kabuki 10th Anniversary. The stage show will start from April 8th and run until May 17th. There will be a total of 52 shows. The full schedule will probably be updated on Johnnys Net after they make an announcement towards the general public. Right now, it's still FC-only information.

Other members appearing include Snow Man, They Budou, "MAD", MADE, Gotou Hiromi, Ishigaki Daisuke, and Yabu Kouta.

There are no details yet as to what changes may or may not be made to the stage show compared to previous years and who will play what roles.

There is unofficial information that there will be a press conference for Kabuki tomorrow, so we may or may not get more information then.

Source: KisuMai FC email

Edit: As suspected, a press conference was held today, and it was announced that Takizawa Kabuki will have its first overseas shows in Singapore, from August 18th to 23rd. It is not yet confirmed however, whether these overseas shows will have the same cast as the shows in Japan. Tackey aside, of course. It's his show after all.
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