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Kiss me

Kiss Me

Author: naku_92

Title: Kiss me

Pairing: SengaxFujigaya

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Fujigaya have always picked on Senga, but Senga cannot let it be than smile every time. Why smiles he when Fujigaya picks on him and bully him? But later have the jokes begin to be seriously and nasty.




Iida Kyohei runs towards the boy as walks before him and sings.

It was so long time since they see each other and Iida cannot let it be and miss the time in Johnny’s sometimes.

He sees on Shonen Club every Sunday and cannot do more than smile when he sees his former member’s picks and bully the youngest of them.

However, he knew that they do not do that to be nasty but only because they all cannot let it be than love the silly one.

He is so innocent at the same time when he is naturally silly.

They all one knew that Senga is the most loved one of all they seven member’s.

“Iida-kun, long time no sees!”

“How are you and go everything like you have planned in schools?”

Senga looks curious and happy on the former kis-my-ft’s member.

He had grown a lot, but he does not longer than he was.

“I am fine and all have gone like I wanted.”

How are they others? Iida asks.

They are exactly likes they always are, the younger answer.

“But Fujigaya-kun was some kind of weird today, he seems to be so seriously when he picks on me today.”

“It some kind of hurts me when he picks on me today and he was not happy at all against none one either.”

Iida realize that he had pointed on something impotent.

The happy face he had early was gone and now a very sad and confused face was in front of him.

He most accepts that was something wrong with his friend if he begins to be nasty against Senga-kun.

“Do you know why he got like this?”

The other only shake his head and give the other I-want-to-know-to glance.

“Can you give me an example?”


“Hey Fujigaya-chan~!”

Can you not give me a wink please, the youngest whined after his friend.

“Why should I do that?”

“Do you want I shall rape you or touch you?!”

The older one walk slowly towards his friend and before the other realize it had the other let his hand slide down to his stomach and future down to his private place.

The younger one tries to escape but a hand grape his wrist and force him to stay. He realizes how the younger begin to shake but cannot let it be than teas him little more and continue to slide down his hand little more.

Do you like it, my wink? Whisper the other.

“Onegai stopped, Onegai!”



“What the hell are you think you are doing?!”

Tamamori rush towards his two friends and push the older away from the shaking and frightened boy.

“What is happened here?”

The other four entered the room with confused face.

“Fujigaya force Senga to let him touch him even when Senga begin to shak, frightenedand beg him to stop!”

Before none, one realizes something had Nikaido hit Fujigaya in the face with all he has and his friend falls to the floor with a high thud.

“Hey, stop it now, a fight do not do anything better Nikaido.”


That happened today the younger whisper and feels how he begins to get tears in his eyes.

Iida feels how stupid he is.

He could have realizes that his friend had a hard time when he told the story early, he should have stopped him before this happened.

“Sorry Sen-chan, I do not mean to let you begin to cry.”

Senga feels how his friend put his arms around him and hugs him in his embrace.

“What should I do Iida-kun?”

“What have happen to Fujigaya?”

I do not know the other answer.

However, he knows someone who maybe knows something.

“I must go now Sen-chan but both you and I know that Fujigaya most have a reasons to be like this.”

Iida pat his friend head and smile for cheer the sad one up again.

“We can meet someday after you have finished your works at Johnny’s.”

HAI~! Senga feel how he begins to feel better and hug his friend fast and gently.

“I call you later today Iida-chan~!”

Do that the other answer and begin to walk away, but stop after few meter and sees how the other wave against him with a little smile on his face again.

´That feels good to see you smile again Sen-chan Iida think and waved back and begin to walk again.




A/N I do not know why I write this but I feels like to write a fics about SengaxFujigaya. That is a rare pairing I think, but they are so freaking cute<3

Little gramma I know but I do not have energy to change them:S
Do not know how long this will be...and that was not much SengaxFujigaya in this but in next it will be more and little IidaxYokoo~!

However, comment is Love<3


Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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