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[News] Tamamori Lead in New Drama

It has been announced today that Tamamori will be playing lead in the drama "Seishun Tantei Haruya (tentative title)", scheduled to be aired in the fall season (October start). It is slotted for Thursdays, starting at 23:59, on NTV.

Joining Tamamori is Shinkawa Yua, who will play the heroine (you may recognize her for playing Maiko in the episode of KisuBusa where they had to steal the bride away), and Takada Sho, who will play Tamamori's classmate/friend.

Tamamori will be playing a university student, Asagi Haruya, who somehow accepts the task of solving a case, but only to get involved in more problems as he goes on. His character is described to having a keen/sharp mind and with more guts/courage than an average person.

This will be the first Tamamori plays lead in an NTV drama as well as acting in a mystery drama.

The drama is based on the novel "End Credit ni Saiteki na Natsu" by Fukuda Eiichi, but it's uncertain how much it follows the novel, other than the whole university student gets asked to solve a case and in turn, gets involved in more cases plot. In the novel, Tamamori's character is supposed to be a poor university student, so money is related to his motivation. Not sure if this trait will be included in the drama.

Some cases in the novel may feel heavy, but there are no murders, and the atmosphere is rather light too. Let's see how things will turn out in the drama. Tamamori has said there will be action scenes as well.

Filming has already started, possibly due to Tamamori's (speculated) busy schedule in autumn.

The release date of his movie, Raintree no Kuni, has also been announced to be November 21st.

Source: Oricon Style
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