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[News] Concert Tour 2015

I should be sleeping, but!

KisuMai has announced their tour for 2015!

It is a Dome tour in three Domes, starting from 8/29.

The three Domes are Kyocera Dome (Osaka) [8/29 - 31], Fukuoka Dome [9/12 - 13], and Tokyo Dome [9/17 - 20].

You can check the concert times here on Johnny's Net.

Preview of KisuMai's new PV for their new album as well as a bit from footage from recording (unit songs) have been released in morning wide shows too! KisuMai will be wearing their roller-skates in Brand New World's PV. It's been 2 years and 5 months since they've worn roller-skates for a PV!
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