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Kis-My-Ft2 - Translations

Various translations I posted over the last few days. Plus like, two or so from a while ago.

TV Guide PERSON. With his own 28th birthday and KisuMai's 10th formation anniversary coming up, Taisuke reflects on how the group has changed and how he has changed as well, in regards to how they approach work, and what kind of recent influences they have received.

( TV Guide PERSON vol.33 - I really do have a lot of interest in acting. I’m not good at it at all, but I want to do it, so I think it means that I like it. )

TVfan serials. Quite a few issues.

( March 2012 - Tamamori x Senga - How about going from dance to insurance? )

( April 2012 - Yokoo x Nikaido - I definitely can’t surf. First of all, I can’t swim (laughs). )

( May 2014 - Tamamori x Fujigaya - I've never went on a picnic before. )

( September 2014 - Kitayama x Fujigaya - I don’t think many people can guess who wrote what by just looking at the words. )

( January 2015 - Senga x Fujigaya - It seems like she has a way of sleeping that she likes, so she’d put her head on my upper arm, using it like a pillow. It’s cute. )

( May 2015 - Yokoo x Fujigaya - I think fans can do it too, but I think I’m better at it. )

( July 2015 - Nikaido x Fujigaya - Um, you don’t say things like that when I’m not around, right? )
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