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Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Author: naku_92

Title: Kiss me

Pairing: SengaxFujigaya

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Fujigaya feel guilty for what he did against Senga early.

Part 2


Senga put his shoes off and take his bag and go too his room.

That have been a long day, first he went to school 8.00 am and was to their lunch.

About 13.00 pm came a car to pick him and Tamamori up and drive them to Johnny’s.

All have begin so well, all of them was on their best self and the practice went actually like the Yara-san wanted, their dance teacher for today.

He and Fujigaya have had a dance solo together in their new song, Tears.

That was his happiest time since long time back together with Fujigaya, they had did it perfect and because of that had they finished the practices faster than they had thought, so they get some rest before today photoshop.

Moreover, that was then the whole situation begins to change.

Fujigaya sat himself on a chair and pick up his phone to call Koki-kun something.

Then Miyata by an accident spilled little water over Fujigaya and he got angry, he who never gets angry about such little thing gets angry now. He almost jumped off the chair and slammed door after himself when he went out from the room.

Six confused pair of eyes stares on the door a long time.

What had happened to him?

None one know why he had got so angry of that.

Maybe he has pms?!

The photoshop went well and nothing happened, and Fujigaya seems to be his old self again but so was it is not!

Himself think a little joke would do Fujigaya little happy, because then he would begin to bully him.

Senga cannot think that he let the other bully him for his own happiness.

Then he had asked his friend if he could give him a wink, but he had taken it all wrong.

That as happened next had he not expects Fujigaya to do.

Sure, he was some kind of pervert sometimes but he does not do anything naughty.

So this was a big shock for him and his body do not move away either because something had hold him left on the same place when Fujigaya had let his hand travel future down his stomach and against his private part.

If Tamamori does not have come, he does not know what should have happened between them.

He had begged Fujigaya to stop but he had not and he had only got more and more nasty. It has hurt so much to see Fujigaya like this; it had hurt so much that he almost had begun and cried.


It is someone who wants to talks to you in the phone, his mother shouted.

“I take it in my room.”


Moshi mosh, Senga-kun~!

”Ano…It is me, Fujigaya.”

Senga realize how his whole body stiffens of the voice in the other end of the phone.

He does not want to talk about that happened early today.

The only he wanted was to forget it!

“I do not want to hear your excuse, ja ne!”


Why am I hesitate, end it now Senga Kento!

All right, I will listen to you but hurry!

I understand that you hate me, but please, I do not know why I did it.

I…it went black for a moment and then Miyata spilled the water and something exploded inside me, I got frightened and I realized that I did was wrong and caused why a slammed the door when I went away.

I…were so happy when it ended so well with our practices early and than I ruined the entire happy mood.  I felt the guilt grew inside me under the whole photoshop and decided to try to talk to you, but before I realize it were you gone.

I heard from Hiro-kun that you have gone home directly after the photoshop.

I am frightened Senga, really frightened!

What if I explode again like today on a photoshop or when I am shopping with a friend? What if paparazzi will take a picture when I do something wrong, what will happen to me? Senga please, say something.

Fujigaya does not know but his friend has not said a word under the whole explanation and he was scary that he does not mind about him after that in the dress room.

I do not know Fujigaya-kun, but one thing knows me.

I do not hate you anymore.

Early directly after that who happened I really hated you and I hated you even more after the photoshop, therefore that you do not say anything, like “I am sorry” or “are you hate me?”

You had could say I am sorry I thought.

However, on my way home I met someone who does my happy again.

So you excuse passed this time, but if something like that happen again, I quit in Kis-My-Ft2 because none one would be happy if we two fight all the days.

“Senga-kun, the food is finish!”

Sorry Taipi-kun but mom shouted the food was finish so I must go now.

See you tomorrow, Ja ne~!


What is it now Taipi-kun?



Are you naturally silly, do you really think I like you so much?

Go now before your mom get angry at you, Ja ne~!


Senga only stare on the phone and shake his head.

Sometimes he wonders if Fujigaya really mean everything he says.


Hai, I am coming mom.

However, like Iida had expected, forgot Senga to call him, but he does not mind because he had already talked to Fujigaya directly after his talk with Senga-kun.



comments is love<3 
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