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[News] Kitayama in a New Drama

A few days ago, Kitayama was spotted filming for a drama.

We now have official information that Kitayama will be appearing in FujiTV's new drama, "Siren". It will start airing on October 20th, at 22:00.

The drama is based on a manga, but Kitayama's role is a drama original. He will be playing Hayami Sho (assuming the name doesn't use a less common reading), a rival police detective to the main character (Satomi Shinobu), which is played by Matsuzaka Toori. Hayami's not a particularly well-liked person apparently, and gets called "chibi deka (small police detective)" behind his back.

Kitayama comments, "Even if my height is short, I can appear in dramas. It'd be nice if I can be a ray of hope to my kouhais." (Matsuzaka Toori is 183cm tall.)

Source: Early release of newspaper
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