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(Fanfic- One Shot) Christmas in the Kisumai Dressing Room

Title: Christmas in the Kisumai Dressing Room
Group(s): Kis-My-ft2, (and a very tiny mention of KAT-TUN)
Pairing: Fujigaya Taisuke x Senga Kento
Genre: Fluff a little bit of crack/humor but mainly fluff.
Rating: PG
Flame? Heck No!
Summary: Kisumai decided to do a secret Santa gift exchange this year and Taipi and Senga unknowingly got each other. What results is one of them totally freaking out over what to get the other, and the other being extremely happy and already has an idea of what to get.
Beta’d By: nonokame 
A.N.: I sadly do not own any of the boys… though we all know we’d love to own at least one of them. This is my first Kisumai fic..and for some reason the pairing of Taipi and Senga is just one I seem to really like, and so I decided to write this. So I hope no one wants to brick me for it. ^^ I wonder if anyone can correctly guess which two KAT-TUN members decided to use the closet as a make out room~ And I know this is a late Christmas fic..but I didn’t finish it until recently, and I’m still not done with all of my Christmas fics yet either. >< I have 3 left now to write.
X-Posted to: jent_fanfics 
Dedicated to: talisa_ahn  , because I promised her I’d write a Kisumai fic after I read hers and got inspired to write one myself.


“Good morning Senga-kun, now who did you get?”

Tags: (archive only: do not use) fanfiction

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