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[News] Kis-My-World Tour on DVD and Blu-ray

Sorry for being a bit behind with updates lately! This post is going to be a summary of a whole bunch of news.

First of all, KisuMai has successfully finished their concert tour this year, and they have announced that it will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on January 20th of next year. There will be three editions - Limited DVD edition, Regular DVD edition, and Blu-ray edition. All have lots of backstage/extra footage, so I'm not going to bother translating everything in detail, but if I have to just put out a short description for each…

LE DVD - backstage documentary, units/solo backstage documentary/corners etc.
RE DVD - audio commentary and more (to be announced later)
Blu-ray - multi-angle stuff, MC and fairy corner of all shows, plus footage from tour finale in Nagoya (the concert was filmed during the last Tokyo show).

KisuMai dressed up in costumes during double encore during the final show since Halloween is soon. Hopefully we'll get to see that on the Blu-ray!

Then, drama news (only what's officially announced...).

I didn't get to mention it, but Kitayama had a brief appearance in Katori Shingo's special drama, Issenchou Yen no Minoshirokin that aired almost two weeks ago.

Miyata also has a drama confirmed! He will be appearing in Kozure Shinbee, which will be airing on NHK every Friday at 20:00, starting November 13th. It will be six episodes long. It is Miyata's first appearance in a historical/periodical drama.

I said in the October schedule post that Nakai Masahiro will have a new music show to replace UTAGE! and two episodes have aired so far. The format of the show is that there will be a music guest as well as several talk guests Nakai will interact with. KisuMai was the music guest for the first episode. Senga was part of the talk guests in the second episode, and Miyata will be in the third episode. It is likely that Busaiku members will be appearing quite regularly as a talk guest, but they're not officially announced as regulars from what I know.

Tamamori has a lot of promotion going on right now, for both his drama and upcoming movie, so please keep your eye out on the monthly schedules if you want to know what magazines/shows he'll be appearing in. His movie also has a collaboration campaign with Spa Resort Hawaiians, located in Fukushima Prefecture. You can find the details on J-Net, if interested.

Ah, a new, longer preview for Nobunaga Concerto movie is also out, so if you're interested, you can watch it on the movie's official website.

Hopefully I didn't forget any other major news!
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