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Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Author: naku_92

Title: Kiss me

Pairing: SengaxFujigaya

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Yokko and Iida talk about Fujigaya nad Senga's feeling for each other. 

Part 3

“Yokoo-kun, you have visitor.”

Who could that be, Yokoo think when he put off the computer and go out to the door.


In the same moment he open the door someone jump onto him and they both fall to the floor with a high thud.

Have you missed me?”


What are you doing here in this time of the day? Yokoo asks when his friends climb of from him and help him up on his feet.

What is your habit when you go home to a friend? The other asks.

“Chat and do different stuff.”

“Then what are you thinking I do here right now?”

Yokoo feel how he blush, he know it had sounds weird but he had been taken back of the suddenly visit of his friend.

They have not meet in long time, he was always busy with Johnny’s and Iida-kun had his homework or so was the other one free but not the other.

Never mind, let’s go for a walk and I want to talk about something Yokoo-chan, say Iida with his sing-song voice and grape his friend’s hand and tries to go out from the house.

Out ask his friend with frowned eyebrows and a little smile.

Sometimes do not Yokoo understand his friend, but that was some kind of cute when he suddenly comes up with random idea like now, when it was almost dark out and he want to take a walk.

Yokoo looks on his friends and smile.

Sure, he answers and turns around to take his jacket.

Iida could not let it be than not hug his friend, even if he knows that Yokoo does not want him to hug him when they are not alone.

If you want hug me so badly, let us coming outdoor first Yokoo said and gently pulled of Iida’s arms from himself.

However, I want it now Iida whined with a big smile in his face.

“Hai, Hai, but can I put my jacket on first please~!”

“If you promise I can hug you when we are out.”

Are you so desperate for a hug today the other say with a giggle?

“I am going on a walk mom!”

Yokoo does not wait for an answer, but open the door and let his friend go out first and then himself and close the door after them.

Where will you go now? Yoko asks his friend and put his right arm around the others shoulder and draw him closer.

He had really missed this times when only he and Iida was alone, when they went for walks and when they could chat in hours about random stuff.

He remember when they had have their first long conversation over the cell phone, almost 5 hours had they talk about what who happen in their life, girls, Johnny’s and lots of random stuff.

“Was what it you wanted to talk about?”

“I met Senga-kun on afternoon and he was really sad, and I asked him what who was wrong.”

First, does not Yokoo understand what Iida means but after a few second had he made up his mind about what his friend talked about.

 “That was really weird; I have never seen Fujigaya like that before.”

 “He said it to me also.”

Yokoo look confused on Iida and his friend could not let it be then giggle when he saw how confused Yokoo seems to be.

I called him directly when I got home after I met Senga and ask what the hell he has done, Iida say.

“First I thought it does not was Fujigaya who had answer the phone because it was none one who said something and that scared me really.”

“It had been really weird and confused for his parents when someone ring and scream in the phone.”


“Moshi, mosh!”

What the hell have you done against Senga-kun?

Ano…is that you Taisuke-kun?

Hai…Is it Iida Kyohei-kun?

It is I, and I want to know why you did that against Senga-kun now!

I do not get it at all, he as so kind and naive.

Hey, are you there?

I think I like him…more than a friend.

I…confessed you to me when it is Senga you love?

Fujigaya-kun, how in the hell had you think you can confess to him now when you have done that to him?

Because…the atmosphere when I begun was not that kind of atmosphere when Tamamori-kun saw us.

I felt how his body tensed and if he had moved away directly, I had understood that he does not want it.

Iida-kun, what should I do, I hate myself because of that and I do not want Senga-kun to hate me.

I am lost Iida-kun, and they other most think I am the stupidest in the world right now!

Call him then, call him and say the truth then.

H e will understand you.

He is not that kind of person who hates people because of a little accident.

I am sure that he will listen to you and forgive you Fujigaya- kun.

How can you be so sure about that?

You do not see his eyes back then, they were frightened, and it was I who did him frighten!

I know because that he told me I chose to believe that he would listen and forgive you.

All right, I call him…thank Iida-kun for all.

Hey, you people are still my friends and I care about my friend.

However, ganbatte ne Fujigaya-kun~


Mata ne and I hope we can see each other sometimes Iida-kun!

Sure, call me and we can decide a day, but now must I go, Ja ne~!


“Hey, are you there`?”

Iida almost jump into the air and he notice that he still is walking with Yokoo.

“Sorry, I thought about something.”

Yokoo understand that his friend had thought about the call between him and Fujigaya-kun he just had talked about.

“Of that I know about Senga’s feeling for Fujigaya is little admiring like feeling and maybe little love, but I do not know.”

“Even if Fujigaya always pick on Senga I think he cares about him more then he and all the other know.”

What do you think Senga feels about Fujigaya Iida-kun? Yokoo asks.

That you just said and I think we would try something to got them together, but if it not goes I think they always will be friends, Iida say.

I know anyone who maybe knows about Fujigaya’s felling, Yokoo exclaim.

Who? His friend asks.

“Kitayama of course~!”

You have been a smart boy Yokoo-chan~!

“Are you stupid Iida?”

Everyone knows that Fujigaya admires Kitayama and tell him everything he feels and thinks the other say and laugh.

When you say it I remember that Iida say and giggle of memories that comes up in his mind when I thinks about their time together in Kis-my-ft.

“When I am finish with my study will I rejoin Johnny’s I think.”

Yokoo only stare like his friend was alien.

“Do you mean that you maybe yearn after us so much?”

 Of course I do, you guys are my friend’s right, and I want to be with my friends, Iida exclaim.

Then Yokoo could not let be than pull his friend into a tightly embrace and push him little away, then put a gently and fast kiss on his friend lips.

I will wait for your rejoin Iida Kyohei-kun, and I am sure that all the other will wait forever on you like me will do.

Again Yokoo put a more passionate and gently kiss on his friend lips, but this time he did not break the kiss directly but press his lips until Iida give a fast and gently response. Daisuki you Yokoo whisper in his friend ear and hug him tightly again. 

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