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Kis-My-Ft2 - Translations

I've apparently been super bad at crossposting translations on the community. Most are old, except for the first one, so excuse me if you've already read most of these.

Translation. First, members talk about equations - (member) x (something) = smile, (member) x winter = (something), and (member) x (something) = ??? (unknown). Then, because duet is entering its 30th year since its first issue, KisuMai members look back on their history with duet through a crosstalk!

( Duet December 2015 - The one where Miyata’s butt was published in...was duet, right? )

Fanclub booklets translations.

( Vol.12 - I’ll grow taller! )

( Vol.13 - If you were a girl, what kind of fashion do you want to try? )

( Vol.14 - I think people who have played the guitar before would understand, but I almost gave up when I got to the F chord (laughs). )

TV magazine articles.

( TVfan October 2012 - Miyata x Tamamori - You’re the worst. )

( TV Guide 2013.05.31, 2013.06.21, 2013.06.28, 2013.07.05. - As for all the fans, since it’s summer, how about coming in swimsuits? )

( TV Guide 2013.07.12, 2013.07.26, 2013.08.02 - It’s fun to see everyone’s sense of humour through their uchiwas. )

( TVfan May 2015 - It’s been a while since I’ve seen Senga so excited. )

( TVfan June 2015 - I’ve been storing energy up until now, so from hereon, I’ll get 1st places one after the other! )

( TVfan September 2015 - There are no Johnnys who have loincloths wrapped around them though? )

( TVfan October 2015 - A very strong hip hop style. People would wonder what happened in those 13 years (laughs). )
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