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[News] Fujigaya as Lead in New Drama

Many people already know about this as there have been many sightings about drama filming, but since official information is out, I'm posting now.

It has been announced that Taisuke will be playing the lead to the new drama, "MARS ~Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteiru~". This is based on the manga, "MARS". He will be playing double lead, along with Kubota Masataka, who he had worked with previously for the Kamen Teacher Drama Special. Taisuke is playing Kashino Rei and Kubota is playing Kirishima Makio. The heroine, Asou Kira, will be played by Iitoyo Marie.

The drama is scheduled to start on January 24th (23rd late night), 0:55 - 1:25. It's roughly the same timeslot as Kamen Teacher aired in previously.

Source: Official Drama Website
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