liliumvii (liliumvii) wrote in kis_my_ft2,

Kisumai sales advice needed!

Mods if this is posted in the wrong place, please can you move it for me?
I really need some advice & I thought where better to ask than the Kisumai fans themselves!
I am trying to sell off my rare collectable Kisumai items from before 2012, but with no luck. What I want to ask is, how much is a fair price to buy buyer & seller for items now? They are all factory sealed japanese versions. I have
1st press regular cd singles
Limited edition cd singles
Shop edition cd singles
Limited edition albums
Limited edition DVDs
Official shop photos
Pamphlets & much more
I am desperate to sell them now, but I have spent a lot collecting these rare items & I don't want to lose too much money! Can anyone help me with a way to sell them for fair prices please? All help & advice is very much appreciated! Thank you on advance for any replies. *hugs* (^_~)−☆

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