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[fic] Nikaido x Senga - 5 times Nikaido observed the other members [1/1]

Title: 5 times Nikaido observed the other members
Author: BG
Pairing: Nikaido x Senga
Ratings: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own them.
Prompt: 34. 5 times Nikaido observed the other members

For shatteredtenshi’s Kisumai-a-thon



I was lazing on Leader’s couch one afternoon after practice. I was fully enjoying doing absolutely nothing. I glanced around the dressing room; Tamamori was lacing his shoe, Miyata was rummaging around in his bag, Taisuke was primping in the mirror…nothing out of the ordinary there. My eyes fell upon the only other member in the room.


He was sitting at the table, slouched down in his chair, his eyes closed and his chin resting against his chest. He appeared to be sleeping but I doubt that he is. He was probably meditating or something similar, trying to gain the strength to deal with the rest of us.

I admire him a lot. I like his style. I like the way he carries himself, he’s cool and he’s always so level headed. He never has to shout to be heard, he never has to raise his voice in order to get his point across.

In a way, he’d be the perfect boyfriend. He’d be attentive but not clingy. He’d be gentle but not a push over.

But he’s so nitpicky about cleanliness. And…and…he snores…

So, for me at least…that’s a no.


I shifted my gaze to the right, to where Taisuke was still primping in the mirror. I bit my lip to keep from laughing aloud as I watched him pout and turn his head this way and that. It looked ridiculous, but it was Taisuke and so it was okay.

Taisuke’s got this charm that not many people can resist. He’s pretty, he’s sexy…actually he’s pretty sexy a whole lot of the time. He’s also rather funny. I admire Taisuke too. He’s hard-working but he loves to laugh. I really like his voice and I’m so glad he changed his hair. He’s athletic and rather flexible which is always a plus.

I watched as Kitamitsu stalked into the room. I smirked at the glare he sent my way and I knew I would be kicked off his napping place in a few short moments. I watched the glare softened into a smile at the sight of Taisuke.

Taisuke would be perfect…but he’s intrinsically linked to Kitamistu…so I guess that’s a no.


“Ah Ha!!”

I jerked at the sudden exclamation, turning slightly to see Miyata standing up holding aloft whatever it was that he’d been searching for. He makes me smile. He’s easy to approach, easy to talk to and totally unassuming.

Miyata’s the kind of person that goes with the flow. I kind of like that. He never worries, he does everything at his own pace and nothing ever seems to faze him. I like that he never seems to care about anything, even though it’s obvious through how hard-working he is that he does in fact care for Kisumai and his career and his studies.

Despite all that though, I’d never be able to be with him. I want to know if the person I care about loves me in return. Somehow I don’t think Miyata is the kind of person that would express that so openly.

So that’s a no.


The door to our dressing room swung open with a bang and in barreled Yabu who was closely followed by an annoyed looking Hikaru. I watched in awe as Hikaru banged his knee against the door jamb, stubbed his toe on the rather random potted plant we have that lives beside the door, ran into Yabu’s back, stumbled for a bit before he managed to catch himself, all the while letting loose some exceptionally colourful language. I raised an eyebrow at the scene. It was all rather spectacular.

“Have any of you seen Ryutaro?”

I shook my head and I heard a chorus of negative replies from the others.

Yabu sighed, clutched at Hikaru’s hand and proceeded to drag him from the room. The look of Hikaru’s face plainly stated ‘kill me now’. I didn’t know what the chibi had done but I sure wouldn’t want to be him.

I settled back against the couch, that’s when I noticed Tamamori. He hadn’t even moved - he was still lacing his shoe, albeit it was the left foot now. He looked so engrossed in his work; I doubted if he had even looked up at the commotion from moments ago.

I giggled to myself. That was one of the things I liked about Tama-chan; he’s always so calm. I think Taisuke is right when he says that sometimes Tamamori lives in his own little world. He’s really easy to talk to and he’s always willing to meet with me to go shopping.

He’s a little too sensitive though. I wouldn’t want to be with something that cries that easily. Also, he wouldn’t want me anyways as he’s straight.

So I guess, that rules him out entirely.


A hand placed itself on my shoulder and I jumped in surprise at the sudden contact. I looked up to see Senga’s smiling face leaning over the back of the couch. He gave me a grin and I felt my heart stutter. The entire sofa bounced and the springs groaned their protest as he flopped himself over the back of the couch and landed in a sprawl of limbs on top of me. I coughed as I fought to suck air back into my lungs after he winded me.

He lay there for a moment, his chest pressed against mine; our legs entangled before he pushed himself up and forcibly moved us both into a sitting position. I grumbled a bit but he just laughed.

Senga always has the ability to make me smile. I love that he’s my best friend. I love it when he grins at me. I loved when he nods like he understand what’s going on and then asks me later to explain it to him.

I like it when we argue because I like it more when we make up. I love the look he gets when he’s mad and his eyes narrow and his jaw tightens.

I love the way he holds my hand. I love the way his fingers brush the hair out of my eyes. I love that I can talk to him about anything and everything and nothing at all. I love that I always know that I have a place beside him and that he will never turn me away.

I love the way he presses kisses to my lips.

I love the look he gets when he wants me to return the gesture.


A/N: uh…I don’t know if this fits the prompt as well as it did when I thought it out in my head…. T_T

At first I thought the prompt was ‘5 times Nikaido observed the other’s members’ ._. heh~

Be safe

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