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[News] Members in Movie and Dramas

Sorry I haven't been posting updates in a timely manner, but here are some movie and dramas news that were announced.

First, MARS is getting a movie! The drama will be ending on 3/26 (or 3/27, depending on how you date the episodes) and the story will continue into the movie, opening on screens on 6/18. You can watch the preview here already.

Miyata also has dramas coming up!

First, he has another special drama in the same Monday slot as the one aired this month. This one is called "Minkan Kasouken Kirino Mai no Satsujin Kantei" and he will be playing a colleague to the main character.

Also, it has been announced that Kozure Shinbee will be getting a second season! Miyata will be taking up the role of Enokido Seizaburou once again. It will be aired this autumn, no exact starting date revealed yet. It will have a total of 7 episodes.
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