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[News] LIVE TOUR 2016, TAKE FIVE 2, new album "I SCREAM"

It’s been announced that Kisumai will hold another Dome tour! So far the title is “Kis-My-Ft2 LIVE TOUR 2016”. Concerts will be held in Osaka Dome (01.-03.07.), Nagoya Dome (09./10.07.), Tokyo Dome (04.-07.08.) and Fukuoka Dome (13./14.08.).

It’s also been decided that Fujigaya will be part of TAKE FIVE 2, the second part of last year’s TAKE FIVE, in Akasaka ACT Theater in Tokyo. Part of the cast are Yamamoto Yusuke from last year and Shinkawa Yua (known from Tamamori’s drama “Seishun Tantei Haruya”). Shows will be from 04.-25.05.

You can find more infos for both the tour and TAKE FIVE 2 here at Johnny’s net.

Aside from that Avex today announced the new album, called “I SCREAM”! Release date is the 22.06. and there will be three versions, one completely limited, one first-press limited and one regular.

Completely limited 4-cups edition (2 CDs + 2 DVDs) 5500 yen + tax
☆Special packaging specs


・最後もやっぱり君 (Saigo mo Yappari Kimi)
・MU-CHU-DE 恋してる (MU-CHU-DE Koishiteru)
And more! With 10 new songs, 15 tracks in total are planned to be included.

★Kis-My × self-produced project “7songs”
・Hiromitsu Kitayama solo song
・Kento Senga solo song
・Toshiya Miyata solo song
・Wataru Yokoo solo song
・Taisuke Fujigaya solo song
・Yuta Tamamori solo song
・Takashi Nikaido solo song


★Kis-My × self-produced project “6movies”
・Hiromitsu Kitayama & Taisuke Fujigaya “FIRE!!!” music video
・Kento Senga solo song music video
・Toshiya Miyata solo song music video
・Wataru Yokoo solo song music video
・Yuta Tamamori solo song music video
・Takashi Nikaido solo song music video

★Kis-My × self-produced project “6movies” close-coverage documentary
★“Songs with lyrics composed by the 7 members” production documentary
★“Songs with lyrics composed by the 7 members” solo angles movie

First-run limited 2-cups edition (CD + DVD) 3800 yen + tax
☆Digipak specs

※Same content as completely limited edition

★“Album lead single” music video
★“Album lead single” music video making-of documentary
★KIS-MY-TV ~Kis-My Share House~

Regular edition (2 CDs) 3000 yen + tax
☆Only the regular edition will include 1 bonus track, for a total of 16 tracks.


・最後もやっぱり君 (Saigo mo Yappari Kimi)
・MU-CHU-DE 恋してる (MU-CHU-DE Koishiteru)
And more! With 11 new songs, 16 tracks in total are planned to be included (1 bonus track).

★Kis-My-Ft2 Non-Stop Medley Mix
・Covering the trail that Kis-My has walked, a medley mix comprised of hit songs from their Jr. days and singles, for a total of 27 songs, are planned to be included.

Source: J-net, Avex

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