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Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Author: naku_92

Title: Kiss me

Pairing: SengaxFujigaya

Rating: PG-13

Summary: A photoshot with mixed feelings and emotion

Part 4

“Ganbatte ne minna~!”

Kitayama looks up from the book he reads and blinks a few times when he looks on Senga.

You are very happy today little Sen-chan say Kitayama with a grin in his face and through away his bad thought.

“Have something good happen to you?”

The youngest of kis-my-ft2 dance around and sing in the room with a hug smile in his face. It were very long since they saw Senga-kun like this and it feels like this could only be a very good day if Fujigaya were his old self.

“Hai, I got all the right answer on my test today at school!”

Omedeatou all kis-my-ft2 exclaimed, apart from Fujigaya who have not show up yet.

We must celebrate this today, Nikaido say and jump over to Senga-kun and hug him tightly with a hug grin in his face.

“What would we do then Nikaido?”

Miyata looks with curious eyes on his friend and smile.

Everyone knows that Nikaido have feelings for Senga-kun and see him like cthis was very good omen.    

Miyata lean over too his friend and put an arm around his shoulder.

“Will you confess today or what is it you are so hyper for?”

When Nikaido hear that question he feel how his cheek turn red and turn around for to go out from the room, but in that moment the door open and Fujigaya came into the room.





Fujigaya blink a few time and looks on his friends.

“Have something happened here?”

Fujigaya, I got all the right answer on my test today Senga exclaimed and jump over too his friend and give him a hug, how strange it feels.



“Are you really okay Sen-chan?” Tamamori asks careful.

None one had expected that at all.

After who had happen, would they hug that person like this?

“Alright, Iida wonder if we all but Senga-kun and Fujigaya-kun will come home to him and chat a while today.”

“Iida-kun asks?”

Yokoo look on Miyata and nod.

Well, I have not something planned today, Miyata say and look over to the others.

“Have anyone something planned today?”

Both Yokoo and Miyata look curious on their friends.

After a few minutes have they decide that all of them minus Senga and Fujigaya will gather at home with Iida-kun 17.00pm.

“However Sen-chan, what sort kind of test had you in school today?”

Tamamori look on his friend who go in the same school as him.

“I had math test!”

“Is not that your bad substance Sen-chan?”

Yes, it is! Senga say.

 Do you know what equation is? Hiro asks.




“How could you get all the right answer when you do not know what equation is?”

“I know, but I cannot explain.”

Hehe, Sen-chan cannot equation~! Hiro sing.

“I can!”

Prove it!

Noo~ Senga exclaim.

“HAHAHA Sen- chan, you are really stupid!”


Yes, you are, Hiro and Yokoo say and begin and tickle the youngest in the band.

It ended with all the boys lay on the floor and tickle each other until a stuff member go into the room and ask what as happen.

“Nothing, we only “tease Sen-chan a little.”

  Alright, but you guys have a photoshot about 5 minutes, say the person in the door with a grin.




Seven boys storm into the room their them will have the photoshot, and the team who will take the photos only laugh.

“You boys do not know that we change the time with 20 minutes?”



But if you want can we begin now when you guys try to be here in time, the chief for the photoshot say.

That should be very nice if we could do that all the seven guys answer with a smile of relief.

 “Alright, the pairing for today is; Senga-kun and Kitayama-kun, Fujigaya-kun and Tamamori-kun, and at last Yokoo-kun, Nikaido-kun and Miyata-kun.”

The feeling when Kitayama and Senga do their photoshop more than one person gets jealous.

Because the feeling felt like two person who was in love with each other.

They do all those pose perfect and the smile who was there in Senga’s face was so happy and...None one could describe the feeling when Senga smile today

How could a person smile like that?

It was so innocent, happy and wonderful.

In one pose would Senga sit into Kitayama’s lap and place a kiss on the other cheek in the same time.

Next was Fujigaya-kun and Tamamori-kun turn.

Those pose they did was so kawaii all the other think.

They sit on each other’s lap, played with each other; their pose’s was so kawaii and cool!

And at last it was time for Nikaido, Miyata and Yokoo’s turn.

But Nikaido’s thought were somewhere else.

That notice everyone too, he was so unconcentrate and do his pose wrong almost all the time.

Nikaido could not think about nothing else than Senga’s smile when he did his photoshot with Kitayama-kun.

They seem so close and he cannot resist that he was jealous on Kitayam’s and Senga’s relationship.

“Nika-chan, is you alright?”

Nikaido get back to the reality when he heard Senga ask the question.

He turns around and looks on his best friend.

 “Sure, I am only thought about something random.”

 Nikaido-kun frown his eyebrows when Senga begin and giggle like mad.

Why are you giggled like that your idiot, Nikaido asks.

 That question only did Senga begin to giggle even more and sat himself on the floor of all the giggling.

When Fujigaya see how fun they two younger of Kis-My-Ft2 had he feel how a weird feeling fill him and before he know it he had yelled at Senga to shut up with the fucking giggle.

All who were in the room only stare on Fujigaya with worried feeling burning inside theme.

Fujigaya sees how a sad Senga got of the word and feel how a guilty feeling grow in his chest.

“Senga, I...I am really sorry, I do not mean to yell that to you!”

“Are you sure about that?”

This was weird, have they all heard right?

Had Senga asks Fujigaya if he really mean that!

Fujigaya feel confuse about that answer he got.

But he cannot leave things like this and he must do something to get Senga believe him.

Those who happen next have not none one think would happen.

To see Fujigaya bow to the ground and beg for apologize.

 It had never happen what they all knew.

Fujigaya never thought he would do this because of a little stupid grudge between him and Senga in front of the others.

However, now it was different, he was ready to do everything to let Senga know how guilty he feels just now. 

“Raise you head Fujigaya-kun!”

“I am accept apologize of your this time, then raise your head.”

When Senga place himself before Fujigaya and gently stoke away a hair loop from his face they all other know this will be a beginning of something really good.

Because of the smile Senga gives Fujigaya was the proof that he has feeling for Fujigaya.


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